Neural Control of the Respiratory Muscles  book cover
1st Edition

Neural Control of the Respiratory Muscles

ISBN 9780367229511
Published November 23, 2020 by CRC Press
320 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1997. The respiratory muscles are multifunctional muscles involved in other behaviors besides breathing -- from the protection of the upper airway to cognitive functions such as speech or singing. Neural Control of the Respiratory Muscles presents an overall consideration of how these muscles are regulated by the central nervous system in normal as well as in pathological situations.

A group of 40 internationally recognized scientists and clinicians have collaborated to discuss current findings in the field and to identify areas of future development such as

o The anatomical and functional organization of the respiratory muscles and the mechanics of the chest wall
o Respiratory muscle control by the central nervous system during normal breathing and during disease states
o Respiration during sleep, exercise, and locomotion
o Respiratory muscle contribution to non-respiratory behaviors; interaction of the central pattern generator for respiration with other central pattern generators
o Multifunctional nature of respiratory muscles and respiratory neurons of the central nervous system

Although other texts exist that examine the control of breathing and other specialized topics considered in this volume, Neural Control of the Respiratory Muscles is the first major single-volume publication that takes a broad view of muscle control during non-respiratory behaviors and the coordination of respiration with non-respiratory behaviors.

Table of Contents

Overview of the Neural Control of the Respiratory Muscles, A.D. Miller, A.L. Bianchi, and B.P. Bishop
The Respiratory Muscles
The Diaphragm Muscle, G.C. Sieck and Y.S. Prakash
The Intercostal Muscles, B. Duron and D. Rose
The Abdominal Muscles, B.P. Bishop
The Muscles of the Upper Airway and Accessory Respiratory Muscles, E. van Lunteren and T.E. Dick
Mechanics of the Chest Wall Muscles, A. De Troyer
Respiratory Muscle Control During Breathing
Organization of Central Respiratory Neurons, A.L. Bianchi and R. Pásaro
Brainstem and Spinal Control of Respiratory Muscles During Breathing, G. Hilaire and R. Monteau
Higher Brain Areas Involved in Respiratory Control, R.M. Harper
Respiratory Rhythm Generation, D.W. Richter, K. Ballanyi, and J. M. Ramirez
Respiratory-Related Reflexes and the Cerebellum, D.T. Frazier, F. Xu, and L. Y. Lee
Neuropharmacology of Respiration, M. Denavit-Saubié and A.S. Foutz
Fast Rhythms in Respiratory Neural Activities, M.I. Cohen, W.-X. Huang, W.R. See, Q. Yu, and C.N. Christakos
Respiratory Muscle Recruitment During Exercise, D.M. Ainsworth
Respiratory Changes During Sleep, S.J. England and R.J. Strobel
Gasping, W.M. St. John
Changes in Respiratory Muscle Activity in Disease, F. Cerny and G.A. Farkas
Respiratory Muscle Control During Non-Respiratory Behaviors
Neural Control of Coughing and Sneezing, R. Shannon, D.C. Bolser, and B.G. Lindsey
Brainstem Organization of Swallowing and Its Interaction with Respiration, A. Jean, A. Car, and J. P. Kessler
Neural Control of Respiratory Muscle Activation During Vomiting, L. Grélot and A.D. Miller
Control of Respiratory Muscles During Speech and Vocalization, T. Sakamoto, S. Nonaka, and A. Katada
Cardio-Respiratory Regulation, M.P. Gilbey and K.M. Spyer
Vestibular Respiratory Regulation, B.J. Yates and A.D. Miller
Coordination of Locomotion and Respiration, D. Viala
Multifunctional Medullary Respiratory Neurons, L. Grélot and A.L. Bianchi

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Alan D. Miller, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Neurophysiology at the Rockefeller University (New York). He received his Ph.D. degree in Physiology from the University of Western Ontario (London, Canada) in 1980.

Armand L. Bianchi, Dr. ès Sei., is Professor of Physiology and Neurophysiology at the Université Aix-Marseille III. He received his Dr. ès Sei. degree in «Sciences Naturelles» from the Université Aix-Marseille in 1974.

Beverly P. Bishop, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Physiology from the University of Buffalo in 1958 before that University became part of the state system and has been a member of the faculty of that department for the intervening years.