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Neural Transplantation, CNS Neuronal Injury, and Regeneration

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ISBN 9780849386831
Published February 23, 1994 by CRC Press
304 Pages

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Book Description

This unique reference presents studies from leading laboratories that are studying the effects of CNS transplants on neuronal plasticity and recovery of function after CNS injury. Topics covered include tropic influences, reinnervation patterns, and prevention of cell death that range from pre-clinical models of Parkinson's disease in primates to studies of restoration of circadian rhythms in rats. Techniques of neurotransplantation are presented, including current limitations and future projections of advancement.

Table of Contents

Clinical Use of Neural Transplant: The Unresolved Problems, P.N. Tandon and G. Gopinath
Neural Grafting for Parkinson's Disease: An Evaluation of Dopaminergic Donor Tissues, J.H. Kordower, S. Schueler, D. Bredesen, T.B. Freeman, and J. Sagen
Neural Graft Augmentation Through Cografting of Cells as Sources of Important Molecules: Studies in Animal Models of Parkinson's Disease, T.J. Collier) Adrenal Medullary Grafts in Nonhuman Primates, M. Dubach
Restoring Plasticity in Connections between Grafts and Damaged Sensory Cortex, F.F. Ebner
Mechanisms of Selective Neuronal Vulnerability: Bioenergetics and Excitotoxicity, J.T. Greenamyre, J.G. Greene, D.S. Higgins, and R.V. Eller
Potential Mechanisms Underlying Transplant-Mediated Recovery of Function after Spinal Cord Injury,, B.S. Bregman, and E. Kunkel-Bagden
After Spinal Cord Injury Chronically Injured Neurons Retain the Potential for Axonal Regeneration, J.D. Houle, J.W. Wright, and M.K. Ziegler
Fetal Spinal Transplant Vascularity: Metabolic and Immunologic Mechanisms, P.J. Horner, P.G. Popovich, P.J. Reier, and B.T. Stokes
Restoration of Circadian Rhythms by Neural Transplants, M.N. Lehman and R. Silver
Neural Heterografts as a Model for the Study of Mammalian Circadian Behavior, P.J. Sollars and G.E. Picard
Positron Emission Tomography Imaging of Brain Transplants for Parkinsonism, F.J.G. Vingerhoets, B.J. Snow, and D.B. Caine
Cellular Transplantation into Selectively Neuron-Deficient Neocortex After Photolytic Degeneration, J.D. Macklis
Establishment of Terminally Differentiated Neuroblastoma Cells and Immortalized Nerve Cells in Culture for Neural Transplant Studies, K.N. Prasad, S. Kentroti, E. Carvalho, S. Kumar, J.E. Prasad, F.G. La Rosa, C. Freed, and A. Vernadakis
Biology of Encapsulated Cells: In Vitro and In Vivo Survival and Function (M.A. Palmatier, B.R. Frydel, D.F. Emerich, S.R. Winn, and T.R. Flanagan
Focal Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion: A Model for Studying the Molecular Mechanism of CNS Injury and Regeneration, C.Y. Hsu, T.N. Lin, J.S. Liu, G. An, G. Sun, J.J. Xue, and Y.Y. He
Normal Proteolytic Processing Produces the Alzheimer Amyloid ß-Protein, S.G. Younkin

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