1st Edition

Neuronal Cytoskeleton
Morphogenesis, Transport, and Synaptic Transmission

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ISBN 9780849377419
Published January 12, 1994 by CRC Press
300 Pages

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Book Description

This book discusses the primary functions of microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) such as MAP2 and tau in neuronal morphogenesis, as well as relationships between neuronal differentiation and the expression of neuronal intermediate filaments (nestin, alpha internexin, and neurofilament triplet proteins). It emphasizes the importance of several cytoskeletal proteins for neuronal differentiation and morphogenesis, organelle transport, and synaptic functions. The book considers the involvement of tau MAPs in the formation of paired helical filaments in Alzheimer's disease, and it examines the mechanisms of organelle transports and molecular motors such as kinesin, braindynein, and kinesin superfamily proteins. Cytoskeletal proteins involved in synaptic formation and transmitter release and new synaptic junctional-associated proteins are explored as well.

Table of Contents

Overview: The Neuronal Cytoskeleton: Roles in Neuronal Morphogenesis and Organelle Transport, N. Hirokawa
Molecular Genetics of Kinesin Motors, L.S.B. Goldstein
Characterization of Human Kinesin Heavy Chain Genes, R. Vale, F. Navone, J. Niclas, and N. Hom-Booher
The Molecular Basis of Fast Axonal Transport, G.S. Bloom
Regulation of Organella Transport by Phosphorylation of Kinesin and by Decoration of Microtubules with Microtubule-Associated Proteins, R. Sato-Yoshitake, Y. Okada, S. Okabe, T. Umeyama, and N. Hirokawa
Axonal Homeostasis and the Nature of Regulated Retrograde Organelle Transport, P.J. Hollenbeck and R.S. Weld
Kinectin: A Kinesin Receptor on Endoplasmic Reticulum, I. Toyoshima and M.P. Sheetz
Neurogenesis and Cytoskeleton: Expression of the Nestin Intermediate Filament in Neurepithelial Stem Cells, L.B. Zimmerman and R.D.G. McKay
Molecular and Developmental Studies of Neuronal Intermediate Filaments, G.Y. Ching, M.P. Kaplan, and R.K.H. Liem
Gelsolin is Involved in Myelin Formation, J. Tanaka and K. Sobue
Dynamics of the Neuronal Cytoskeleton, S. Okabe and N. Hirokawa
Sites of Microtubule Assembly in Growing, M.M. Black and A. Brown
Regulation of Tubulin Organization in the Axon, T. Tashiro
Steroid Hormone Effect of Neuronal Configuration-In Vivo and In Vitro Studies, M. Kawata, K. Yuri, N. Morita, and M. Morimoto
Microtubule Bundling by Tau Proteins In Vivo, Y. Kanai and N. Hirokawa
Nuclear Tau Proteins: Implications in Alzheimer's Disease and Down Syndrome, R.P. Zinkowski, R.E. Powers, P.A. Loomis, Y. Wang, and L.I. Binder
Tau Proteins and Alzheimer's Disease, M. Goedert
Abnormal Phosphorylation of Tau in the Alzheimer's Disease Brain, M. Hasegawa, M. Morishima, K. Takio, M. Suzuki, A. Watanabe, T. Arai, K. Titani, and Y. Ihara
Ca2+-Dependent Regulation of the Neuronal Cytoskeleton, K. Sobue
Annexin VI-Binding Proteins in Brain, M. Inui, T. Watanabe, M. Iga, B.-Y. Chen, and K. Sobue
Is Dynamin GTPase a Microtubule Associated Motor?, T. Nakata, Y. Noda, K. Maeda, R. Sato-Yoshitake, Y. Okada, R. Takemura, and N. Hirokawa
Compartmentation of p60c-src Complex in Developing Rat Forebrain Membrane, K. Ozawa, S. Tadokoro, M. Kira, M. Takahashi, O. Takeuchi, and K. Sobue
Identifying Novel Synapse Associated Proteins, C.C. Garner, A. Garner, B. Vob, U. Appeltauer, and E.D. Gundelfinger)
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