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1st Edition

Neurotrophic Factors

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ISBN 9780849377556
Published February 1, 1993 by CRC Press
243 Pages

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Book Description

Neurotrophic Factors is devoted to neurotrophic factors and explores aspects of their structure, the regulation of their synthesis, the way in which they influence neuronal survival and differentiation, and the mechanisms of their action on a variety of neurons. The book emphasizes the importance of all these neurotrophic factors in the development and maintenance of the nervous system and highlights many important, unanswered questions. It will be an significant reference for all researchers in neuroscience.

Table of Contents

The Neurotrophins and Their Receptors
The Neurotrophins and Their Functional Receptors in Human Neuroblastoma, S.P. Squinto, D.J. Glass, T.N. Stitt, S.H. Nye, S. Davis, N. Ip, P. Distefano, N. Goldfarb, J.P. Fandl, D.R. Gies, M.E. Furth, and G.D. Yancopoulos
Functional Characterization of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, M. Hofer
Investigations on the Structure-Function Relationship of Neurotrophins, U. Suter, C.C. Drinkwater, J.V. Heymach, Jr., R.M. Lindsay, and E.M. Shooter
Expression and Function of Neurotrophins during Development
Timing and Regulation of Neurotrophic Factor Dependence in Developing Sensory Neurons, A.M. Davies
Functional Biology of Neurotrophins, M. Bothwell
Regulation of Neurotrophin Expression and Function: Regulation of Nerve Growth Factor Synthesis by Catechol Derivatives, Y. Furukawa
Blockage of Nerve Growth Factor Actions by Protein Kinase Inhibitors, S. Hashimoto
Internal Calcium and Trophic Factor Dependence of Neuronal Survival, T. Koike
Neurotrophic Factors Rescue Neuronal Cell Death Caused by Oxygen Toxicity in Culture, Y. Enokido and H. Hatanaka
Characterization of the Immediate Early Genes PC3 and PC4 Induced by Nerve Growth Factor in PC12 Cells, G. Salvatori, M.T. Ciotti, A. Montagnoli, S. Guidato, and F. Tirone
New Neurotrophins and the Neurotrophin Activities of Known Molecules
Characterization of Neurite Promoting Factors for Telencephalic Neurons, T. Taguchi
Neural Trophic Factors Derived from Neurofibroma, K. Asai and T. Kato
Activity-Sensitive Retrograde Signalling in Neuromuscular Junction Development and Regeneration, P. Caroni, M. Becker, and C. Schneider
Neuronal Survival Promoting Activity of Neuron Specific Enolase, N. Takei, T. Hattori, K. Nagata, K. Ohsawa, and S. Kohsaka
Interleukin 6 as a Neurotrophic Factor Supporting Neuronal Survival, T. Hama
Extracellular Matrix Proteins as Neurotrophins and Regulators of Neurotrophin Activity
Functional Significance of Proteoglycans in the Morphologic Differentiation of Neuronal Cells, R. Katoh-Semba and A. Oohira
Integrin and Laminin Function in the Development and Repair of the Nervous System, M.J. Ignatius
Analysis of the Structure-Function Relationship of Glia-Derived Nexin, GDN): A Protease Inhibitor That Can Modulate Neurite Outgrowth in Neuronal Cell Lines and Primary Cultures, G. Rovelli, S.R. Stone, A. Guidolin, J. Sommer, C. Nager, M. Luedi-Brown, and D. Monard
Differentiation Factors: Intracellular Factor Inducing Cholinergic Differentiation, I. Matsuoka, N. Kobayashi, and K. Kurihara
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