1st Edition

Neurotrophins and the Neural Crest

Edited By

Maya Sieber-Blum

ISBN 9780849340048
Published June 29, 1998 by CRC Press
288 Pages

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Book Description

The target of much current research, the neural crest is a transitory tissue of the vertebrate embryo that gives rise to many diverse structures in the adult organism, including the autonomic nervous system, the enteric nervous system, and most primary sensory ganglia, among other cell types and tissues. Reflecting recent investigations, Neurotrophins and the Neural Crest is dedicated to the roles neurotrophins play in neural crest cell differentiation and in the survival of neural crest derivatives.
This timely book correlates in vitro data with results obtained from knock-out mice with targeted neurotrophin or receptor deletions, with the goal of determining the fidelity and usefulness of various experimental culture systems. It also covers embryonic expression patterns and functions of neurotrophins and their receptors. Chapters are organized to begin with neural crest-derived tissues as sources for experimental material, including sensory neurons, sympathetic neurons, enteric neurons, melanocytes, and calcitonin-producing cells from the thyroid, and concludes with discussions of the neural crest cells.
A broad range of researchers and scientists involved in growth factors, neuroscience, developmental and cell biology, embryology, and many other fields, will find that Neurotrophins and the Neural Crest targets this fast-moving area of research completely and concisely.

Table of Contents

Early Actions of Neurotrophic Factors, L.S. Reichardt and I. Fariñas
Neurotrophin-3 and Development of the Neural Crest-Derived Nervous System, J.W. Winslow
Nerve Growth Factor and the Low Affinity Neurotrophin Receptor, P.A. Barker
The Role of Nerve Growth Factor and Other Neurotrophins in the Formation and Early Development of Avian Sensory Dorsal Root Ganglia, P. Bernd, I. Rozenberg, J. Speight, L. Yao, and D. Zhang
Neurotrophins in the Skin, M. Yaar
Role of Neurotrophins in the Development of Sensory Neurons, A.M. Davies
Growth and Neurotrophic Factors in Sympathetic Neuron Development, S.J. Birren
Neurons in Enteric Nervous System Development, M.D. Gershon
Neuronal Differentiation of Cranial Crest-Derived Thyroid C-Cells, A.F. Russo
Multiple Roles of Neurotrophins in Early Neural Development, C. Kalcheim
Multiple Neurotrophin Actions During Early Neural Crest Cell Development, M. Sieber-Blum and J.-M. Zhang

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