New Developments in Behavioral Research: Theory, Method and Application : In Honor of Sidney W. Bijou book cover
1st Edition

New Developments in Behavioral Research: Theory, Method and Application
In Honor of Sidney W. Bijou

ISBN 9780367494254
Published February 16, 2022 by Routledge
658 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1977, these examples of research and scholarly argument were collected in honor of Professor Sidney W. Bijou. In the language of academics, they constitute a Festschrift: a festival of scholarly writing, performed to celebrate the career of a person who produced, and stimulated others to produce, exactly such contributions throughout a long, valuable, and productive professional history. Since 1955, Dr Bijou had worked almost exclusively within the approach variously labelled as the functional analysis of behavior, the experimental analysis of behavior, operant conditioning, or Skinnerian psychology. From his point of view, it seems clear, the first of these labels was the correct one. It was the principle of objective, direct, observable analysis that attracted him.

Table of Contents

Introductory Note.  Celebrants.  Preface.  Introduction.  1. The Force of Coincidence B. F. Skinner  Part 1: Contributions to Theory  Setting Events Due to Sidney W. Bijou A Bibliography of Bijou’s Work in the Area of Theory  2. Operant Research in Violation of the Operant Paradigm? Margaret M. Baltes and Hayne W. Reese  3. Maternal Responding and the Conditioning of Infant Crying: Directions of Influence Within the Attachment-Acquisition Process Jacob L. Gewirtz  4. A Three-Stage Functional Analysis for Children’s Coercive Behaviors: A Tactic for Developing a Performance Theory G. R. Patterson  5. The Development and Maintenance of Language: An Operant Model Todd R. Risley  6. Generalized Imitation and the Setting Event Concept Warren M. Steinman  7. Nutrition and Human Development Jack Tizard  8. Imitation, Response Novelty, and Language Acquisition Grover J. Whitehurst  Part 2: Contributions to Methodology and Practice  Setting Events Due to Sidney W. Bijou A Bibliography of Bijou’s Work in the Area of Methodology and Practice  9. Are Experimental Procedures and Service Obligations Compatible in a Preschool Program for Young Handicapped Children? K. Eileen Allen and Keith D. Turner  10. Changing-Criterion Designs: An Alternate Applied Behaviour Analysis Procedure R. Vance Hall and Richard G. Fox  11. Behavioural Definitions in Applied Behavior Analysis: Explicit or Implicit? Robert P. Hawkins and Robert W. Dobes  12. Laboratory Investigations of Applied Behavior Analysis Techniques: Procedures Designed to Decrease or Eliminate Responding Judith M. LeBlanc, Katherine E. Reuter, Donald N. Miller, and Gary L. Schilmoeller  13. Sources of Bias in Observational Recording K. Daniel O’Leary and Ronald Kent  14. Complex Interactions: A Functional Approach Joseph A. Parsons and Douglas Peter Ferraro  15. Hydropsychotherapy: Water as a Punishing Stimulus in the Treatment of a Problem Parent-Child Relationship Robert F. Peterson and Linda W. Peterson  16. A Methodology for Studying Social Stimulus Functions in Children William H. Redd, Andrew S. Winston, and Edward K. Morris  17. Behavioral Procedures for Assessing Visual Capacities in Nonverbal Subjects Ellen P. Reese, Jane S. Howard and Peter Rosenberger  18. Complexities of an "Elementary" Behavior Modification Procedure: Differential Adult Attention Used for Children’s Behavior Disorders Thomas Sajwaj and Anneal Dillon  19. An Experimental Analysis of Criterion-Related and Noncriterion-Related Cues in "Errorless" Stimulus Control Procedures Kathryn J. Schilmoeller and Barbara C. Etzel  20. Phenomenological Reports: An Empirical Model Robert G. Wahler, Robert M. Berland and George Leske  21. Technical Developments in Classroom Behavior Analysis Ralph J. Wetzel and Joseph R. Patterson  22. Application of Operant Principles to the Hyperactive Behavior of a Retarded Girl Kaoru Yamaguchi  Part 3: New Analyses of Behavior  Setting Events Due to Sidney W. Bijou A Bibliography of Bijou’s Work in the Area of Analyses of Behavior  23. Teaching Reading Through a Student-Administered Point System Teodoro Ayllon and Stephen Garber  24. State: Effect on Conditioned and Unconditioned Heart Rate Responding in Infants Yvonne Brackbill  25. Imitation and Variation in Working Language Betty Hart  26. The Training of Creativity as an Operant and an Examination of its Generalization Characteristics Jacqueline Holman, Elizabeth M. Goetz and Donald M. Baer  27. Achievement Place: The Modification of Academic Behavior Problems of Delinquent Youths in a Group Home Setting Kathryn A. Kirgin, Elery L. Phillips, Gary D. Timbers, Dean L. Fixsen and Montrose M. Wolf  28. Sharing at an Early Age Harriet L. Rheingold  29. Imitative Behavior of Preschool Children: The Effects of Reinforcement, Instructions, and Response Similarity James A. Sherman, Hewitt B. Clark and Karen K. Kelly  30. Response Cost and Human Aggressive Behavior Howard N. Sloane, Jr., K. Richard Young and Terri Marcusen  31. Training Daily Self-Help Skills for Long-Term Maintenance Carol M. Thomas, Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, Sally E. Lukeris and Michael Palmer  32. The Effect of Self-Recording on the Study Behavior of Female Juvenile Delinquents Pauline Young, Jay S. Birnbrauer and Robert W. Sanson-Fisher  Part 4: Bijou as Subject  Reinforcers Earned A Listing of Honors, Awards and Experiences Reflecting and in Part Contributing to Bijou’s Work  33. An Interview with Sidney W. Bijou Leonard Krasner  34. The Development of Behavior Analysis in Mexico: Sidney W. Bijou’s Contributions Ely Rayek and Emilio Ribes-Iñesta.  Author Index.  Chapter Descriptors.  Volume Descriptors.

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Barbara C. Etzel, Judith M. LeBlanc, Donald M. Baer