1st Edition

New Directions in Africa–China Studies

Edited By Chris Alden, Daniel Large Copyright 2019
    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    Interest in China and Africa is growing exponentially. Taking a step back from the
‘events-driven’ reactions characterizing much coverage, this timely book reflects more deeply on questions concerning how this subject has been, is being and can be

    It offers a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and authoritative contribution to Africa–China studies. Its diverse chapters explore key current research themes and debates, such as agency, media, race, ivory, development or security, using a variety of case studies from Benin, Kenya and Tanzania, to Angola, Mozambique and Mauritius. Looking back, it explores the evolution of studies about Africa and China. Looking forward, it explores alternative, future possibilities for a complex and constantly evolving subject.

    Showcasing a range of perspectives by leading and 
emerging scholars, New Directions in AfricaChina Studies is an essential resource 
for students and scholars of Africa and China relations.


    Chapter 1: Studying China-Africa/Africa-China Relations – Chris Alden and Daniel Large

    From China in Africa to Global African Studies

    Chapter 2 From Field Work to Academic Field: Personal Reflections on China-Africa Research- George Yu

    Chapter 3: African Studies in China in the 21st Century: A Historiographical Survey - Li Anshan

    Chapter 4: Themes and Thoughts in Africanists Discourse about China and Africa - Kweku Ampiah

    Chapter 5: Media as a Site of Contestation in China-Africa Relations - Cobus van Staden and Yu-Shan Wu

    Chapter 6: ‘China in Africa’ in the Anthropocene: a Discourse of Divergence in a Converging World - Ross Anthony

    Chapter 7: Doing Ethnography Beyond China: the Ethic of the Ignorant Foreigner - Gabriel Bamana


    Chapter 8: Global African Studies and Locating China - Jamie Monson

    Views from Downstairs: Ethnography, Identity and Agency

    Chapter 9: Chinese Peanuts and Chinese Machinga: The Use and Abuse of a Rumour in Dar es Salaam (and Ethnographic Writing) – Derek Sheridan

    Chapter 10: Reflections on the Role of Race in China-Africa Relations - T Tu Huynh and Yoon Jung Park

    Chapter 11: Kenyan Agency in Kenya-China Relations: Contestation, Cooperation and Passivity - Maddalena Procopio

    Chapter 12: Bureaucratic Agency and Power Asymmetry: Benin and China - Folashadé Soulé-Kohndou

    Chapter 13: Dependency and Underdevelopment: the case of the Special Economic Zone in Mauritius - Honita Cowaloosur and Ian Taylor

    Chapter 14: Ivory Trails: Divergent Values of Ivory and Elephants in Africa and Asia - Stephanie Rupp


    Views from Upstairs: Elites, Policy and Political Economy

    Chapter 15: Neo-patrimonialism and Extraversion in China’s Relations with Angola and Mozambique: is Beijing making a difference? – Ana Cristina Alves and Sergio Chichava

    Chapter 16: Between Resource Extraction and Industrializing Africa - Mzukisi Qobo and Garth le Pere

    Chapter 17: A Chinese Model for Africa: the Problem with Problem-Solving

    - Chris Alden

    Chapter 18: New Structural Economics: Laying the Groundwork for Theoretical Reflection on China-Africa Engagement - Tang Xiaoyang

    Chapter 19: China-in-Africa and Global Economic Transformation - Alvin Camba and Ho-Fung Hong

    Chapter 20: China and African Security - Lina Benabdallah and Daniel Large


    Chapter 21: Conclusion - Chris Alden and Daniel Large


    Chris Alden is Professor of IR and Co-Head of the Africa International Affairs programme at the LSE, UK.

    Dan Large is Assistant Professor at the School of Public Policy, Central European University, Hungary.