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New Ergonomics Perspective
Selected papers of the 10th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics, Tokyo, Japan, 25-28 August 2014

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Published December 22, 2014 by CRC Press
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Book Description

New Ergonomics Perspective represents a selection of the papers presented at the 10th Pan-Pacifi c Conference on Ergonomics (PPCOE), held in Tokyo, Japan, August 25-28, 2014.
The first Pan-Pacific Conference on Occupational Ergonomics was held in 1990 at the University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan. The main theme of the PPCOE 1990 was “Searching for Solutions to Occupational Problems.” The successful meetings have taken place in 1990 (Kitakyushu, Japan), 1992 (Wuhan, China), 1994 (Seoul, Korea), 1996 (Taipei, Taiwan), 1998 (Kitakyushu, Japan), 2001 (Beijing, China), 2004 (Cairns, Australia), 2007 (Bangkok, Thailand) and 2010 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan). After two decades of collective endeavors, the conferences have established globally recognized excellence in scientific and professional contributions.
Now, PPCOE activities are entering a new stage after a quarter century of history. Fortunately, participants of the PPCOE Final in Tokyo are eager to take a first step on the road to its rebirth: the establishment of a new, mature PPCOE.

PPCOE pursues ergonomics as a practical science, covering a broad spectrum of up-to-date and comprehensive ergonomics issues. This book was organized into six thematic chapters, including Aging and Occupational Safety, Workplace Ergonomics, Occupational Ergonomics, Healthcare and Special Populations, Human Computer Interaction and Current Issues and Ergonomics Approach.

Table of Contents


Message from the President: Storyteller of PPCOE history
M. Kumashiro

1 Aging and occupational safety

Integrating Kansei Engineering method and Kano model for service of nursing home in Taoyuan, Taiwan
C. Chou, C. Sutanto & C.-K. Chen

REST-based Ambient Intelligent, pervasive Care Services Platform (RACS) in the cloud for aging-in-place
C.-J. Su

Age effects on reach to grasp movement
M.-C. Chiu, H.-C. Wu & N.-T. Tsai

Development of walking ability evaluation method with accelerometer and gyrometer
T. Ito, H. Nozawa, S. Okada, M. Hatakeyama, N. Shiratori, A. Ichikawa & M. Kato

Occupational safety issues at workplace among older fishermen in Malaysia
R.M. Yusuff, M.R. Hussain, N. Latif, A.A. Rahman, S.N.S.A. Rashid & H. Abdullah

Basic studies of decomposition of event-related potentials
R. Otsuka, K. Yamanaka & H. Nakayasu

The reliability & applicability of mobile health care apps
S.-F. Huang & C.-J. Su

Estimation of useful field of view by machine learning based on parameters related to eye movement
K. Morishima, H. Ura, T. Chihara, H. Daimoto & K. Yamanaka

A protocol for developing a quantitative index for human error prevention
H.-K. Lim, H. Kim, Tong-il Jang & Y.H. Lee

Facial reflexology and work related musculo-skeletal disorders
N.N. Nga, K. Xuyen & D.K. Van

Self-screening test for upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders in computer users
P. Suwandee, K. Mekhora, C. Jalayondeja & P. Bhuanantanondh

The factors of nurses that influence Accurate Nursing Records’ Inputting on Electronic Medical Record System
A. Kajimura

2 Workplace ergonomics

Required forces in manually inserting a small object
K.S. Lee & K.M. Gu

Weight bearing on foot under sitting postures in foot scanning
H.-H. Tu & C.-Y. Yu

Development of a Production Management Self-diagnosis System for small and medium-sized enterprises and case study using this system
K. Iida, K. Mikami, M. Shibuya & T. Sakai

Development of a KAIZEN checklist tool for the Productive Aging to play an active part in smaller manufacturers
K. Mikami, K. Iida, M. Shibuya, T. Hasegawa, T. Sakai, T. Murakami & M. Kumashiro

Correlation of exercise level and electromyography of trunk stabilizer muscles during manual lifting among experienced back belt users
N. Kurustien, K. Mekhora, W. Jalayondeja & S. Nanthavanij

Comparison of work characteristics related with Musculoskeletal Disorders based on company size and work types
J.-Y. Jung, M. Luo, J.-H. Yun, Sang-Hun-Byun & H.-K. Lim

Characteristics of small Japanese trawlers as workplace environments
H. Takahashi

3 Occupational ergonomics

Difference between low back load caused by changing a diaper at various bed heights in female care workers
K. Kyota & K. Tsukasaki

Effects of intervention trampoline exercise on neck strength and physiological responses
B.-S. Liu, T.-C. Chia, H.-Y. Wang & C.-W. Lien

The effects of wearing encapsulating protective clothes, workload, and environment temperature on heat stress
P.-C. Sung, P.-S. Hsu & S.-Z. Lou

Ergonomic issues related with risk assessment in construction sites in Korea
H.-K. Lim, S.-R. Chang & K.-W. Rhie

A study on work-life balance and QOL during pregnancy
C. Mizuno, T. Furukawa & M. Kume

A study on work-life balance for single mothers
C. Mizuno

Evaluation of the energy-saving performance of heat-resistant paint in winter
T. Oda, K. Yamanaka & M. Kawakami

Key points of procedures of Multiple Role Map program toward Japanese nurses: Differentiation between individual and group approaches
Y. Yamada, Y. Hochi & M. Mizuno

4 Healthcare and special populations

Factors that increase women’s health awareness during the childcare period
M. Kosaka

Survey of problems while wearing a hay fever prevention mask in 2009 and 2012
M. Morishima, Y. Shimizu, K. Kishida, T. Uozumi & M. Kamijo

Investigation on factors affecting nursing performance in Intensive Care Unit in a hospital
E.M.-y. Wang & N. Canggang

The relation between occupational stress and supports by occupations
N. Shintani

Consideration of the medical-care-support-system for Non-Japanese visitors in Okinawa
S. Tatsukawa

Satisfaction feelings and body-part discomfort of university students on classroom furniture
C. Theppitak, K. Pinwanna & P. Chauchot

Study of the child care support in Japan
Y. Suzaki, Y. Minami, N. Takayama & H. Ariyoshi

A comparison of the grip setting of the IV pole while walking: Presence or absence, 50% or 60% of a user’s height setting
R. Hachigasaki, M. Hishinuma & S. Yamamoto

Resilience, psychological stressors, and stress responses in Japanese university athletes
Y. Kawata, M. Hirosawa, A. Kamimura, K. Yamada, T. Kato, K. Oki, S. Wakui, S. Izutsu & M. Mizuno

Analysis of sleep environment in Japanese young people
H. Yasuoka, S. Shioji, T. Sato, M. Kato & S. Igawa

Quantitative confirmation of residents’ everyday life behavior by acceleration measurement of facilities in a house
M. Kato, Y. Shimodaira & T. Sato

Considerations on diversity management for sexual minorities in the workplace
N. Sato

5 Human computer interaction

Designing understandable vibration patterns for tactile interface
D. Kobayashi & K. Takahashi

Study on information display in driving support devices
K. Yamanaka, Y. Nakamura & M. Kawakami

Ergonomics design requirements of human interaction with virtual display through smart glasses
C.J. Lin

Fatigue sensation of Eye Gaze Tracking System users
Y. Suzuki, S. Yamamoto & D. Kobayashi

Development of real-time acquisition system of UX curve
T. Hanawa & N. Nishiuchi

Study on the effect of expanding advertisement for internet users
Y. Ikemoto & N. Nishiuchi

Usability evaluation of interfaces: 2D & 3D input interfaces both with 2D display
K. Fujii & N. Nishiuchi

Selecting a function by how characteristic shapes afford users
M. Oka, M. Tsubamoto & H. Mori

6 Current issue and ergonomics approach

The influence of cooling forearm/hand on maximal hand grip strength and the time needed to reach the maximal strength
Y.-C. Shih & Y.-J. Tsai

Using cloud computing to support customer service in the automobile industry: An exploratory study
C.-C.H. Chan, Y.J. Lo, C.Y. Chen & P.C. Tsai

Target distance and exposure time of glance to protect multiple choice examination dishonesty
P. Ladavichitkul & H. Lohasiriwat

Preliminary study of visual arc on visual performance base on Fitts’ law concept
N. Puttyangkura & P. Ladavichitkul

Predicting brain metastasis from lung cancer by Bayesian Network
K.-J. Wang, B. Makond & K.-M. Wang

Research on the body characteristics, figure types and regression model of elderly Taiwanese men
C.-H. Hsu & H.-M. Kuo

Anthropometric data of Malaysian workers
S.N. Hassan, R.M. Yusuff, R. Md. Zein, M.R. Hussain & H.K. Tamil Selvan

Analysis of virtual makeup sensory reactions between young men and women
T. Sato, H. Yasuoka, S. Shioji & M. Kato

Body dimension measurements using a depth camera
Y.-L. Lin, M.-J. Wang & B. Wang

Human factors analysis of hydraulic leg press machine
S.-Z. Lou, Y.-C. Chen, P.-C. Sung & C.-L. Lee

Study on vibration patterns using vibrating computer mouse
H. Mitani & D. Kobayashi

Ergonomic floor limitation for a workplace nursery placed in outside buildings of workplaces
S.-H. Byun, J.-H. Park & H.-K. Lim

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Sakae Yamamoto, Masahiro Shibuya, Hiroyuki Izumi, Yuh-Chuan Shih, Chiuhsiang Joe Lin, Hyeon-Kyo Lim