New Learning Times

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New Learning Times shares the experiences of early pioneers leading the effort to transform the opportunities available to learners across the globe through computing and communications technologies. Books in the series document active efforts to shape that transformation through the development of new approaches/strategies, environments/institutions/networks, and tools/technologies/practices. New Learning Times will:

• Address formal and informal learning opportunities with the potential to be transformed at all levels: preK-12, post-secondary & adult

• Emphasize approaches, environments, and tools that promise to reduce the cost of learning

• Document specific concrete instances of new learning opportunities

• Make use of data generated as part of the design and development process

• Communicate an action orientation and change agenda

• Demonstrate new possibilities

The New Learning Times series is designed to engage a new generation of educators to shape the future of learning opportunities. A continuously updated website hosted by Columbia University’s EdLab will feature case studies, multimedia presentations, evolving information on the topics covered in the series, and more.