1st Edition

New Trends in Civil Aviation Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on New Trends in Civil Aviation 2017 (NTCA 2017), December 7-8, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

Edited By Vladimir Socha, Lenka Hanáková, Andrej Lališ Copyright 2018

    The NTCA conference series is dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed proceedings of the conference. The goal is to disseminate state-of the- art scientific results available in the domain of civil aviation. These proceedings contain a collection of scientific contributions to the NTCA 2017 conference, which took place in Prague from 7-8 December 2017 and was hosted by the Department of Air Transport, Czech Technical University in Prague with the cooperation of the Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University of Košice; Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Brno University of Technology; Air Transport Department, University of Žilina, and the Czech Aerospace Society.

    The NTCA conference aims to build and extend a platform for interaction between communities interested in aviation problems and applications. NTCA 2017 followed this established practice and provided room for discussing and sharing views on the current issues in the field of aviation. As a result, these proceedings include contributions on air transport operations, air traffic management and economic aspects, aviation safety and security, aircraft technologies, unmanned aerial systems, human factors and ergonomics in aviation.

    The analysis of problems and development prospects of civil aviation in Russia
    P. Neverov, N. Pislegina, S. Levicheva & S. Shevelev

    Generation of curvature-continuous trajectories for transport aircraft using Bezier curves
    H. Escamilla Núnez & F. Mora Camino

    A fatigue influence on pilot’s reaction ability during 24 hours flight simulation: A case series study
    V. Socha, L. Hanáková, S. Stojić, S. Kušmírek, L. Socha & M. Antoško

    Reaction time measurement device for flight crew testing
    S. Kušmírek, V. Socha, L. Hanáková, A. Lališ, L. Socha, M. Antoško & J. Kozuba

    Risk in air transport and its minimisation
    H. Bínová & D. Heralová

    Communication in civil aviation companies through social networks
    A. Tobisová, R. Rozenberg, M. Řeháček & I. Vajdová

    A configuration and optimization method for civil aircraft maintenance resources
    Z.Y. Jia, D.N. Dong, C.H. Zeng, X.C. Zheng & Y.F. Nan

    Usability and credibility of Czech TAF reports
    K. Dejmal & J. Novotný

    Operational requirement capture of civil aircraft based on the DoDAF scenario
    Q. Gong, T. Guo, J. Wang, X. Qian & Z. Zhang

    Identification of mitigations for the prevention of serious incidents in the Air Traffic Management in Europe
    M. Kováčová & J. Bálint

    The most useless messages emitted by on-board secondary surveillance radar transponders
    S. Pleninger

    Principle and method of integrating reliability design in the MBSE process
    Y. Zhou, Z. Ren & R. Wang

    Adjustment of the Košice International Airport area for large-capacity aircraft
    L. Melníková, E. Jenčová, I. Vajdová & M. Pilát

    Aircraft flight efficiency improvement
    S. Fábry, L. Melníková & T. Puškáš

    Virtual simulation in training for enhancing safety in aviation
    P. Bučka & M. Žentek

    Air transport and tourism indicators: Their information option
    J. Ploch, M. Palatková & V. Řehoř

    Reaction to directional vibrations applied on a joystick
    P. Zikmund, M. Macík & Z. Míkovec

    Fatigue life analysis of aging aircraft based on previous service usage
    P. Augustin

    The use of zigzag dialogue technique in improving the aviation staffs’ English language proficiency level
    E.V. Abubakarova, O.N. Zherdeva, O.A. Povolotskaya & S.Y. Shevelev

    Aircraft motion impact on secondary surveillance radar identification
    T. Lipták & S. Pleninger

    Pilot errors during landing manoeuvres and possible ways to reduce them
    M. Šplíchal

    Identification and evaluation of safety risks on aprons
    D. Liptáková, J. Kolesár, E. Jenčová & V. Begera

    Airport audit component as an integral part of the safety data processing system
    S. Stojić, A. Lališ, V. Plos & V. Voštová

    Achieving behaviour detection in aviation security detection procedure
    J. Ploch, T. Děkan & J. Zýka

    Simulation model of the system of mass control
    E. Jenčová, J. Vagner, J. Galanda & R. Šulej

    Recent changes of ICAO requirements on flight data recorders
    M. Dub & J. Pařízek

    Quantitative pairwise comparison method for aeronautical performance factor
    O. Štumbauer & A. Lališ

    Available solutions to increase safety in general aviation
    J. Chlebek

    A combined parameter for graphic evaluation of the load capacity of fuselage
    T. Katrňák

    FRABRA: Free route Slovakia
    M. Ferencová, S. Szabo & P. Szabó

    Practical aspects of state regulation of air transport in Russia
    T. Pirogova, I. Ilinykh, M. Selivanova & E. Lukina

    Modeling the financial costs in case of air accidents
    Z. Zgodavová, A. Tobisová, R. Rozenberg, P. Čekan & A. Seňová

    Benefits and costs of air traffic management: Communication, navigation, and surveillance concept
    D. Čekanová, M. Džunda, A. Čekanová, P. Dzurovčin, P. Žák & Z. Šusterová

    Requirements and costs of operating the flight and navigation procedures trainer and the basic instrument training device
    P. Brodský & J. Hospodka

    Computation of effect of various end plates on the wing on similarity with two-dimensional flow
    P. Korba, M. Hovanec, S. Szabo, J. Pil’a & J. Pavlinský

    Modelling of fatigue in aviation
    S. Hulínská, J. Kraus, P. Vittek & M. Štumper

    Detection of flying objects in the vicinity of a small civil aircraft
    P. Dzurovčin, M. Džunda, D. Čekanová, A. Čekanová, R. Rozenberg & P. Žák

    Elimination of adverse meteorological conditions during takeoff and landing
    I. Kameníková & Z. Koupý

    Use of aviation simulation technologies in the Czech Air Force
    J. Bořil

    Departure control systems for regional and low-cost carriers
    S. Szabo, J. Galanda & R. Šulej

    Fire monitoring and fire extinguishing by aerial technology in Slovakia
    L. Kováčik & A. Novák

    Influence of vibration on gravitational acceleration vector measurement
    R. Bystřický, K. Glas, J. Blažek & J. Bajer

    European approaches to instrument operations at uncontrolled aerodromes
    J. Kraus, V. Voštová, S. Pleninger & R. Matyáš

    Upper limb movement activity as an indicator of piloting error rate
    S. Kušmírek, V. Socha, L. Hanáková, A. Lališ, D. Duman & L. Socha

    Discount air tickets as a revenue management tool
    Z. Šusterová, D. Čekanová, P. Hanák, A. Čekanová & P. Dzurovčin

    Suitability assessment of implementing a hydrant distribution system
    M. Kafková & R. Havíř

    Unmanned aircraft system movement in urban areas
    F. Martinec, I. Koblen, L. Socha & T. Lipták

    New trends for risk and safety management in the aviation domain: A resilience engineering perspective
    R. Patriarca

    Monitoring GNSS signal quality at Žilina Airport
    P. Haljaková, A. Novák & J. Žižka

    Database for collecting and evaluating safety events
    V. Plos & V. Voštová

    Engineering approaches in situational control of small turbojet engines
    R. Andoga, R. Bréda, T. Moravec, L. Főző & R. Kovács

    Regional carriers in the United Kingdom: Market entries, market exits, fleets, and airports
    A. Novák Sedláčková & A. Tomová Jr.

    New registration technology as a factor optimizing passenger check-in time
    E. Safonov, M. Ferafontova, G. Palamarenko & S. Kirsanov

    Influence of biocomponents on properties of aviation fuels: Selected aspects
    J. Ryczyński

    New trends in aircraft propulsion system development and vision 2050
    D. Hanus & P. Vittek


    Vladimír Socha, Lenka Hanáková and Andrej Lališ work at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic.