1st Edition

Non-Thermal Processing Technologies for the Meat, Fish, and Poultry Industries

Edited By M. Selvamuthukumaran, Sajid Maqsood Copyright 2024
    251 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Processed products obtained from meat, fish, and poultry play a predominant role ascribed to their nutritional profile and sensory characteristics. Usually, these products are highly perishable, and, therefore, the food industry used traditional thermal methods of heat processing in order to extend the stability of the product to the greatest extent. But this traditional method has several disadvantages including undesirable changes in organoleptic characteristics, denaturation of the good quality of animal proteins, and degradation of several nutritional components.

    Non-Thermal Processing Technologies for the Meat, Fish, and Poultry Industries addresses stability enhancement of meat-, fish-, and poultry-processed products by implementing a non-thermal approach. Currently, there are several innovative non-thermal processing techniques available that can be adopted for enhancing the safety quality of these foods. This book presents the various non-thermal processing techniques that can be successfully applied to this processing industry, including high-pressure processing, ultrasound, irradiation, and pulse electric fields. It explains how these processes can signifantly minimize quality changes without posing any threat to the consumer. These techniques can be replaced for traditional thermal processing techniques viz. roasting, frying, boiling, and grilling.

    This book benefits food scientists, food process engineers, academicians, students, and food industrial professionals by providing in-depth knowledge of non-thermal processing of foods for meat, fish, and poultry product quality retention as well as for efficient consumer acceptability. The text contains current and emerging trends in the use of non-thermal processing techniques for its application in these industries.

    1. Scope for implementation of various novel non-thermal processing techniques for the meat, fish, and poultry industries 2. High-pressure processing o fmeat, fish, and poultry procducts 3. Hydrodynamic shockwave technology for meat, fish, and poultry products 4. Application of cold plasma techniques for meat, fish, and poultry processing industries 5. Ozone applications in meat processing 6. Application of irradiation techniques for meat, fish, and poultry industries 7. Decontamination of meat, fish, and poultry products using pulse light technology 8. Application of ultrasound techniques for meat, fish, and poultry processing industries 9. E-beam technology for meat, fish, and poultry processing industries 10. Application of pulse electric fields for the meat, fish, and poultry industries 11. Supercritical CO2 applications for meat, fish, and poultry industries 12. Commercial viability of non-thermal processing applications for meat, fish, and poultry processing industries at global perspectives with its regulatory aspects


    M. Selvamuthukumaran, PhD, is Associate Professor, School of Food Science & Post harvest Technology, Institute of Technology, Haramaya University, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. He received his PhD in Food Science from the University of Mysore, and his masters in Food Science & Technology from the Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University. His areas of research include antioxidant rich functional foods, probiotic & prebiotic foods advanced food processing & preservation techniques.

    Dr. Sajid Maqsood is a Professor in the Department of Food Science at College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, UAEU. He has started his academic career in May-2011 at UAEU as a post-doctorate Fellow and is currently serving as Professor since 2021. He has served on a strategically important position (Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies) since 2017 and Dept. Chair (since-2022).

    His research is dedicated and aligned exclusively on food and nutritional needs of UAE and the region. He has established an innovative research program at UAEU which focus on bioactive molecules (bioactive peptides) from camel milk and dates with currently two funded projects running in this area. He is also working on food wastes and by-products valorization generated at farm and industry level in UAE and utilization into food fortification, biodegradable packaging, extruded products etc (Two on-going research projects). Moreover, intensive research on alternative proteins (plant-based proteins, meat analogues etc) and sustainable means of food processing (One on-going research project) is being carried out. He is leading an active research group in Food Science Department of UAE University with multidisciplinary collaboration within UAE and abroad.

    He has published around 150 publications and edited 4 books and several book chapters.

    He has received several awards for his research at UAEU and was listed in Top 2% scientist list released by Stanford University (2020-22).