1st Edition

Noninvasive Molecular Markers in Gynecologic Cancers

Edited By Debmalya Barh, Mehmet Gunduz Copyright 2015
    516 Pages 32 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    516 Pages 32 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Early detection is critical for any given cancer. With the advent of the latest omics technologies, molecular markers in combination with conventional diagnostic and screening methods are emerging as next-generation early diagnostic and prognostic strategies that can allow early-stage diagnosis, resulting in more effective treatment and patient care and, in turn, an increased rate of survival. A ready-made resource, Noninvasive Molecular Markers in Gynecologic Cancers not only provides information on noninvasive molecular diagnostic biomarkers, it includes coverage of the epidemiology, clinical features, conventional diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis for these cancers.

    With contributions from leading international experts, the book presents a compact but comprehensive overview of gynecologic cancer. Each of the five main gynecologic cancers—ovarian, cervical, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar—have unique signs and symptoms, risk factors, and molecular profile, and therefore requires different prevention strategies. This book describes the different features of each gynecologic cancer in separate chapters covering general information, epidemiology, clinical features, and biomarkers. The book also covers breast cancer and, although rare, fallopian tube cancer, to make it a complete resource.

    In cancer treatment, non-invasive diagnosis can avoid complications of biopsy and other unfavorable impacts on patients’ health. DNA, methylation, SNPs, miRNA, mRNA, protein, autoantibodies, metabolite, and omics-based markers from remote media such as blood, plasma, and urine are emerging as noninvasive molecular markers with high specificity and sensitivity towards many cancers. This book classifies the available molecular tumor markers according to their principal characteristics and relative methodologies. It covers markers that not only provide early detection and better treatment options, but are emerging as next-generation personalized diagnostics and targets or therapeutics for personalized cancer treatment.


    Overview of Gynecologic Cancers
    Ikbal Kaygusuz, Aydin Kosus, and Hasan Kafali

    Cytogenetic Early Markers in Gynecologic Cancers
    Murat Oznur, Serap Dede, Debmalya Barh, and Mehmet Gunduz


    Early Biomarkers in Breast Cancer
    Ruchika Kaul-Ghanekar, Snehal Suryavanshi, and Prerna Raina

    Diagnostic and Prognostic Markers of Breast Invasive Lesions
    Maria C. Calomarde, Carlos Iglesias, Elisa Moreno-Palacios, Javier De Santiago, and Ignacio Zapardiel

    Biomarkers for Early Detection of Familial Breast Cancer
    Burak Yilmaz, Catherine A. Moroski-Erkul, Omer Faruk Hatipoglu, Esra Gunduz, Debmalya Barh, and Mehmet Gunduz

    DNA Methylation: An Epigenetic Marker of Breast Cancer Influenced by Nutrients Acting as an Environmental Factor
    Tarique N. Hasan, Gowhar Shafi, B. Leena Grace, Jesper Tegner, and Anjana Munshi


    Biomarkers for Early Detection of Cervical Cancer
    Ruchika Kaul-Ghanekar, Amit S. Choudhari, and Savita Pandita

    Biomarkers in Cervical Cancer: DNA HR-HPV, p16INK4a, Ki-67, and RNA-m E6/E
    María Serrano, María-Dolores Diestro, Marcos Cuerva, Ignacio Zapardiel, Adolfo Loayza, Alicia Hernan, and Javier De Santiago

    Biomarkers of Nucleotide Metabolism in Cervical Cancer
    Charles A. Kunos, Lauren Shunkwiler, and Gina Ferris


    Noninvasive Early Biomarkers in Ovarian Cancer
    Sharon A. O’Toole, Eugen Ancuta, Ream Langhe, Dolores J. Cahill, Mairead Murphy, Cara Martin, Lynda McEvoy, Cathy Spillane, Orla Sheils, Emmanuel Petricoin, Lance Liotta, and John J. O'Leary

    Biomarkers in Ovarian Endometrioid Carcinoma
    Murat Oznur, Serap Memik, Mehmet Gunduz, and Esra Gunduz

    MUC16/CA125: A Candidate Tumor Marker for Diagnosis and Therapy in Ovarian Cancer
    Houda Bouanene and Jemni Ben Chibani

    Role of He4 in the Management of Ovarian Cancer
    Daniel Abehsera, Javier De Santiago, and Ignacio Zapardiel


    Biomarkers in Endometrial Cancer
    Gokhan Nas, Tugce Yasar, Mehmet Gunduz, and Esra Gunduz

    Biomarkers in Uterine Mesenchymal and Mixed Malignant Tumors
    Rosario Rivera Buery and Esra Gunduz

    Noninvasive Early Biomarkers in Fallopian Tube Carcinoma
    Panagiotis Peitsidis


    Biomarkers for Early Detection of Vaginal Cancers
    Zeynep Ocak, Muradiye Acar, Mehmet Gunduz, and Esra Gunduz

    Noninvasive Early Biomarkers for Vulvar Cancer
    Sara Iacoponi, Marcos Cuerva, Mar Gil, Elisa Moreno-Palacios, Alicia Hernan, Javier De Santiago, and Ignacio Zapardiel


    Debmalya Barh, Mehmet Gunduz