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    by Routledge

    758 Pages
    by Routledge

    This comprehensive guide to research, sources, and theories about nonviolent action as a technique of struggle in social and political conficts discusses the methods and techniques used by groups in various encounters. Although violence and its causes have received a great deal of attention, nonviolent action has not received its due as an international phenomenon with a long history. An introduction that explains the theories and research used in the study provides a practical guide to this essential bibliography of English-language sources. The first part of the book covers case-study materials divided by region and subdivided by country. Within each country, materials are arranged chronologically and topically. The second major part examines the methods and theory of nonviolent action, principled nonviolence, and several closely related areas in social science, such as conflict analysis and social movements. The book is indexed by author and subject.

    Part 1 CASES OF NONVIOLENT STRUGGLE; Chapter 1 Africa and the Middle East; Chapter 2 The Americas; Chapter 3 Asia and the Pacific; Chapter 4 Europe; Part 2 STUDIES OFNONVIOLENT ACTION AND RELATED FIELDS; Chapter 5 Methods and Dynamics of Nonviolent Action; Chapter 6 Theory and Research on Conflict, Power, and Violence; Subject Index; Author Index;


    RONADM. MCCARTHY, Gene Sharp

    "Very highly recommended for undergraduate and graduate collections." -- Choice