1st Edition

Nuclear Astrophysics A Course of Lectures

By Md A. Khan Copyright 2018
    284 Pages
    by CRC Press

    284 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In this volume the physics involved in various astrophysical processes like the synthesis of light and heavier elements, explosive burning processes, core collapse supernova etc have been critically addressed with minimum mathematical derivations so as to suit all faculties of the readers. For graduate students there are solved problems with exercises at the end of each chapter, for researchers some recent works on the calculation of physical parameters of astrophysical importance like the calculation of Sfactors at low energies have been included, and for amateur readers there are lot of history, information and discussion on the astronuclear phenomenon.

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    1. Basics of Nuclear Astrophysics, 2. Nucleosynthesis, 3. Sources of Energy in Stars, 4. Opportunities in Nuclear Astrophysics, 5. Explosive Burning Processes, 6. Core Collapse Supernovae, 7. Basic Components of Astrophysical r-Process, 8. Nuclear Processes in Explosive Binary Stars, 9. Formation of stars and galaxies, 10. Role of Computation in Nuclear Astrophysics, 11. Key challeges and future scopes


    Md A. Khan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, Aliah University, Kolkata.