1st Edition

Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism Emergency Response and Public Protection

    204 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides guidance on measures that should be considered to protect human lives from terrorist activities involving nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. It provides a historical summary of the development and use of these weapons, and continues with a detailed discussion of the types of radiation and warfare agents that are available, including methods for dispersing them. The text also analyzes human exposure to radiation or chemical and biological agents, along with treatment methods that are available to treat exposed individuals. The authors provide an exploratory look at emergency preparedness measures that can be enacted to mitigate future emergencies, including training techniques and strategies.

    Purpose and Scope
    Historical Perspective on Terrorism Targeted against the US
    Historical Development of Nuclear Weapons
    Historical Development of Chemical Weapons
    Historical Development of Biological Weapons
    Conventional Explosives Available for Dispersing Agents
    General Types of Radiation and Warfare Agents
    Chemical Warfare Agents
    Biological Warfare Agents
    General Hazards from Exposure to Radiation and Warfare Agents
    Chemical Agents
    Biological Agents
    Minimizing Exposure to Radiation and Warfare Agents
    Time of Exposure
    Responding to a Nuclear Explosion
    Nuclear Explosion Basics
    Response to Nuclear Explosion
    Preparing for a Nuclear, Chemical, or Biological Attack
    Emergency Preparedness Plan
    Emergency Preparedness Training
    Emergency Preparedness Practice Drills
    Alarm Systems
    Air Purification Systems
    Water Purification Systems
    Personal Protective Equipment
    First Aid Kits
    Communication Devices
    Emergency Lighting
    Emergency Food Supplies
    Screening Instruments
    Guidance for Emergency Responders
    Prioritizing Injuries
    Assessing Patients for Contamination
    Personnel Decontamination Procedures
    Exposure Guidance for Emergency Responders
    Training For Emergency Responders
    Summary of Recommendations
    Minimizing Exposure to Radiation (Dirty Bomb) and Warfare Agents
    Minimizing Exposure to Radiation from Nuclear Explosion
    Preparing for a Nuclear, Chemical, or Biological Attack
    Guidance for Emergency Responders


    Mark E. Byrnes, David A. King, Philip M. Tierno Jr.