1st Edition

Nuclear Power, Man and the Environment

ISBN 9780367231620
Published April 8, 2019 by Routledge
262 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1980. A clear understanding of how radioactivity moves through the environment is essential to discussions on nuclear power. This book describes, in didactic rather than polemic style, the nature of radioactivity, how it arises in the day-to-day running of nuclear reactors, how and why a small fraction is introduced into the environment in a controlled manner, and on what basis judgements on these processes should be made.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Radioisotopes: Their Characterisation and Interaction with Matter 1. Introduction 2. Atomic Species and their Behaviour 3. Radioactive Decay 4. The Interaction of Radiation with Matter 5. Radiation Dosimetry 6. Radiation Detection and Measurement Part 2: The Radiation Background 7. Introduction 8. Cosmic Radiation 9 Terrestrial Radiation 10. Radioactive Fallout 11. Medical Irradiation 12. Consumer Products Part 3: Radiation and Man 13. Introduction 14. Effects of Radiation on Man 15. Standards for Radiation Protection Part 4: Nuclear Reactors and their Fuel Cycles 16. Introduction 17. Nuclear Reactors 18. The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Part 5: Radioactive Wastes and the Public 19. Introduction 20. ICRP Guidelines for the General Public 21. Reactor Siting 22. Release of Gaseous Wastes 23. Release of Liquid Wastes 24. Solid Wastes 25. Collective Dose to the Public 26. Future Trends Part 6: Environmental Behaviour and Effects 27. Introduction 28. Behaviour in Terrestrial Ecosystems 29. Behaviour in Aquatic Ecosystems 30. Radiation Effects on the Environment Part 7: The Future 31. Introduction 32. High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal 33. Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors 34. Nuclear Fusion Reactors 35. The Acceptability of Continued Discharges into the Environment

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