1st Edition

Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

    Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering contains the proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering (NUMGE 2014, Delft, The Netherlands, 18-20 June 2014). It is the eighth in a series of conferences organised by the European Regional Technical Committee ERTC7 under the auspices of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). The first conference was held in 1986 in Stuttgart, Germany and the series has continued every four years (Santander, Spain 1990; Manchester, United Kingdom 1994; Udine, Italy 1998; Paris, France 2002; Graz, Austria 2006; Trondheim, Norway 2010).

    Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering presents the latest developments relating to the use of numerical methods in geotechnical engineering, including scientific achievements, innovations and engineering applications related to, or employing, numerical methods. Topics include: constitutive modelling, parameter determination in field and laboratory tests, finite element related numerical methods, other numerical methods, probabilistic methods and neural networks, ground improvement and reinforcement, dams, embankments and slopes, shallow and deep foundations, excavations and retaining walls, tunnels, infrastructure, groundwater flow, thermal and coupled analysis, dynamic applications, offshore applications and cyclic loading models. The book is aimed at academics, researchers and practitioners in geotechnical engineering and geomechanics.


    Volume I

    Constitutive modelling

    A better tool for general modeling of strain softening soils in slopes and excavations
    G. Aristorenas, C. Englert & J. Gómez

    Modeling unloading/reloading in peat using a kinematic bubble model
    D. Boumezerane

    Implicit implementation of the Prevost model
    B. Cerfontaine & R. Charlier

    A constitutive model of normally consolidated clay at small strains
    C. Chen & Z.M. Zhou

    Attributes of rotational hardening rules in clay plasticity
    Y.F. Dafalias & M. Taiebat

    On the modelling of grain crushing in hypoplasticity
    H.K. Engin, H.P. Jostad & A. Rohe

    The numerical implementation of elastic visco-plastic model for soft clays
    W.Q. Feng, Y.L. Li, J.H. Yin & Z.Y. Yin

    A smart increment technique and its application to a bounding surface model
    J. Ghorbani, A. Noorzad & H. Shahnazari

    Use of IWAN models for modelling anisotropic and cyclic behavior of clays
    G. Grimstad, J.A. Rønningen & H.A. Nøst

    Modelling peat with an anisotropic time-dependent model for clay
    E.J. den Haan

    Stress measures for interparticle sliding and particle rolling
    R.R. de Jager & F. Molenkamp

    Numerical treatment of singularities in critical state modelling of soil behaviour
    J.M.P. Marado & J.M.M.C. Marques

    Clay hypoplasticity model with explicit asymptotic state boundary surface formulation and very small strain stiffness anisotropy
    D. Mašín

    Accuracy versus simplicity of anisotropic clay models
    A.G. Papadimitriou, G.I. Agapoulaki & Y.F. Dafalias

    Anisotropic sand model and fabric evolution until the critical state
    A.G. Papadimitriou, Y.F. Dafalias & X.S. Li

    A response envelope based approach to hypoplastic constitutive models
    T. Pucker

    A new formulation to model the degradation in structured soils
    V. Robin, O. Cuisinier, F. Masrouri & A.A. Javadi

    A new constitutive model for shotcrete
    B. Schädlich & H.F. Schweiger

    Constitutive modeling for sand with emphasis on the evolution of bounding and phase transformation lines
    P. Tasiopoulou & N. Gerolymos

    A preliminary study of rheological models for run-out distance modelling of sensitive clay debris
    V. Thakur, D. Nigussie & S.A. Degago

    Application of the intergranular strain overlay to elastoplastic models
    A.B. Tsegaye &T. Benz

    Incorporating TESRA behaviour in an advanced constitutive model
    A.J. Tuxworth & S.D. Clarke

    Introduction of a thermodynamically hyperelastic model for peat
    L. Zhang & B.C. O’Kelly

    Uniqueness of time-dependencies for Shanghai soft clay
    Q.-Y. Zhu, Z.Y. Yin, Z.-X.Wu & P.-Y. Hicher

    Parameter determination in field and laboratory tests

    Estimation of input parameters for CWFS model using RSM
    D.S. Cheon, Y.B. Jung, B.H. Choi, S.K. Cho & Y.H. Han

    Significance of sample quality in settlement analysis of field cases
    S.A. Degago & G. Grimstad

    A numerical classification of soils
    H. Isık & A.F. Çabalar

    Determination method of input parameters for elasto-plastic FE analysis of peat ground
    H. Hayashi, S. Nishimoto & T. Yamanashi

    Calibration of the mechanical parameters for the numerical simulations of dynamic centrifuge experiments
    G. Lanzano, F. Santucci de Magistris & E. Bilotta

    Numerical solution to predict visco-plastic model parameters of soft clay during excess pore water pressure dissipation
    T.M. Le, B. Fatahi & H. Khabbaz

    Micro-piles under dynamic horizontal excitation: Field tests and numerical modeling
    T. Meier

    Influence of the calcite content of sands on the CPT-resistance
    T. Meier & J.Wehr

    Numerical simulation of shear tests on rock joints models with predefined roughness
    J.E. Menezes

    Comparison of laboratory direct shear test results with the numerical analysis
    J.M. Royo & S. Melentijevic

    Effects of using different constitutive soil models for the cavity expansion problem
    E. Sengün, M.M. Berilgen & M.M. Incecik

    Effect of previous stress history and vegetation on the coefficient of earth pressure at-rest, K0, in London clay
    A. Tsiampousi, I. Vitsios, L. Zdravkovic & D.M. Potts

    Parameter identification for an advanced material model for intact rock
    D. Unteregger, G. Hofstetter, M. Haltmeier & A. Ostermann

    A study on the compression curves of reconstituted clays with water contents
    Z. Zhuang, S. Horpibulsuk & M.D. Liu

    Finite element related numerical methods

    Stability verification against the basal heave failure mechanism at excavations in soft soils with FEM and classical methods
    G. Abea Núñez, Z. Borghei & E. Perau

    Finite element modelling of geotechnical structures subjected to moving loads
    V. Galavi & R.B.J. Brinkgreve

    The mixed-type approach to finite-element analysis of geometrically linear beams resting on linear and non-linearWinkler soil models
    V. Jagodnik, G. Jelenic & Ž. Arbanas

    Survey of geotechnical numerical analysis use and training needs in industry
    A.S. Lees, F. Schmidt & B.M. Bacas

    On the application of the material point method for offshore foundations
    L.J. Lim, A. Andreykiv & R.B.J. Brinkgreve

    Use of generalized material point method (GIMP) to simulate shallow wedge penetration
    M.A. Llano-Serna & M.M. Farias

    Parallel processing of excavation in soils with randomly generated material properties
    L. Margetts, I.M. Smith, L.M. Lever & D.V. Griffiths

    Modelling of pile installation using the material point method (MPM)
    N.T.V. Phuong, A.F. van Tol, A.S.K. Elkadi & A. Rohe

    Modelling of a pile row in a 2D plane strain FE-analysis
    J.J.M. Sluis, F. Besseling & P.H.H. Stuurwold

    Extended zero-thickness interface element for accurate soil–pile interaction modelling
    H. Stutz, F.Wuttke & T. Benz

    A comparison of the mesh dependence of the nonlocal and local strain softening methods in a biaxial compression analysis
    F.C. Summersgill, S. Kontoe & D.M. Potts

    Numerical simulation of strain softening behavior at pile-soil interface
    S.A. Tan, J. Sun & K.S. Ng

    Soil springs for a nuclear power plant building foundation
    E.O. Tastan, C. Cinkilic & A.K. Boscha

    Simulation of liquefaction in layered loose and dense sand
    J.A.M. Teunissen & G.A.M. Kruse

    Investigation of aspects of an implicit dynamic material point method implementation
    B.Wang, P.J. Vardon & M.A. Hicks

    Modelling progressive failure with MPM
    A. Yerro, E. Alonso & N. Pinyol

    Other numerical methods

    Numerical simulation of snow avalanches: Modelling dilatative processes with cohesion in rapid granular shear flows
    P. Bartelt, O. Buser, Y. Bühler, L. Dreier & M. Christen

    Application of the hybrid ACP/ANFIS method for the prediction of surface settlement induced by an earth pressure tunnel boring machine with consideration of the encountered geology
    D. Bouayad & F. Emeriault

    Debris flow simulation considering distributed multiple source materials
    H.X. Chen & L.M. Zhang

    Particle failure in DEM models of crushable soil response
    M.O. Ciantia, M. Arroyo, A. Gens & F. Calvetti

    Fluid effects in sand production simulations coupling DEM with CFD
    N. Climent, M. Arroyo, A. Gens & C. O’Sullivan

    A numerical investigation on debris avalanche propagation
    S. Cuomo, L. Cascini, M. Pastor & G.C. Castorino

    Representation of capillary forces in polydisperse granular assemblies in the pendular regime
    A. Faramarzi, O. Harireche & A.M. Alani

    A non-conventional BEM for seismic wave propagation in continuously inhomogeneous half-plane
    I.-K. Fontara, F.Wuttke, T. Rangelov & P. Dineva

    Macroelement modeling of piles in cohesive soil subjected to combined lateral and axial loading
    N. Gerolymos, O. Papakyriakopoulos & R.B.J. Brinkgreve

    A simplified calculation method for maximum lateral deformation of diaphragm walls induced by deep excavation in clays
    X.F. Jin & S.T. Liang

    Ultimate limit state design of retaining walls with numerical methods
    G. Katsigiannis, P. Ferreira & R. Fuentes

    Back calculation of CPT tests in silt by the Press-Replace technique
    P. Paniagua, S. Nordal & H.K. Engin

    Incorporating scale effects in shallow footings in a hypoplastic macroelement model
    D. Salciarini, B. Bienen & C. Tamagnini

    DEM modeling and identification of representative element volume of soil skeleton
    M.R. Salehi Sadaghiani, H. Jentsch, K. Faulstich, P.Winkler & K.J.Witt

    Effect of friction on the force distribution in sheared granular materials
    A. Singh, V. Magnanimo & S. Luding

    Recent advances in the application of discontinuity layout optimization to geotechnical limit analysis problems
    C.C. Smith, M. Gilbert, S.J. Hawksbee & A. Babiker

    Study on borehole stability in fractured rock mass in deep ground using distinct element method
    A. Taheri, S. Akkari, R. Frimpong, J. Ji & S. Piotrowski

    Contact law in granular assemblies: From statics to dynamics
    L. Zhang, S. Lambert, F. Nicot & F. Bourrier

    3D DEM simulation of a centrifuge model pile test
    Z. Zhang & Y.H.Wang

    Probabilistic methods and neural networks

    Effects of layered stochastic soil profile on the coherency functions of spatially variable seismic ground motions: Case study of the El-Asnam region (NW Algeria)
    K. AfifChaouch, B. Tiliouine & M. Hammoutene

    Reliability analysis of slope stability evaluations using finite elements including a stochastic pore pressure
    M.G. Bæverfjord

    Reliability-based design of cantilever retaining walls embedded in granular soils
    K.E. Daryani & H. Mohamad

    Stochastic modelling of differential settlements of heterogeneous unsaturated foundations
    T.M.H. Le & G.R. Eiksund

    Comparative study of embankment reliability in three dimensions
    Y. Li & M.A. Hicks

    Application of neural network to rock slope stability assessments
    A.J. Li, S.Y. Khoo, Y.Wang & A.V. Lyamin

    Application of artificial neural network in monitoring seepage flow through Dadin Kowa dam, Gombe State Nigeria
    E.B. Ojo & D.S. Matawal

    Advanced constitutive model calibration using genetic algorithms: Some aspects
    C. Pereira, J.R. Maranha & A. Brito

    Artificial intelligence for modeling load-settlement response of axially loaded bored piles
    M.A. Shahin

    Stochastic inverse modeling applied to earth dams for detecting preferential seepage paths
    F. Vázquez, G. Auvinet & P.A. Vermeer

    A slide prediction model for layered alluvial soils during wet mining operations
    N.B. Yenigul, M. Alvarez Grima, M.J.C. van Eeten & C. de Keizer

    Effects of spatial variability on unsaturated groundwater flow
    H. Zhu & L.M. Zhang

    Ground improvement and reinforcement

    Numerical simulation on the design optimization of compaction grouting
    A. Anthogalidis, U. Arslan & O. Reul

    Numerical modeling of stone columns with installation effects
    J. Castro, M. Karstunen & N. Sivasithamparam

    Numerical investigation on the effectiveness of drainage elements used in soil nailing applications
    M. Lamei

    Soil improvement using micropiles
    M. Mollaali, M. Alitalesh, M. Yazdani & M.B. Shafie

    A new approach to the estimation of settlement and ultimate bearing capacity of stone columns supported shallow foundation
    K.S. Ng, S.A. Tan & J. Sun

    Finite element analyses of preloading cases in soft inhomogeneous soils
    V. Papadopoulos & K. Papadopoulou

    Numerical modelling on vibroflotation soil improvement techniques using the endochronic constitutive law for sands
    J. Peco & S. López-Querol

    Slope stability of soft soils using pile foundations considering the creep effects
    M. Rahmatian, A. Noorzad &A.R. Mahboubi Ardakani

    Predicting the behavior of sand columns in soft clays using hypoplastic finite element modeling
    A. Riman, S. Sadek & S. Najjar

    Numerical modeling of controlled modulus column installation in soft soils using a linear elastic perfectly plastic soil model
    A.J. Rivera, C.G. Olgun, T.L. Brandon & F. Masse

    Dams, embankments and slopes

    Numerical methods for simulation of downward progressive landslides
    F. Bonadies, S. Nordal, A.S. Gylland, G. Grimstad, H.P. Jostad, S. Cuomo & L. Cascini

    Numerical analysis of the construction of Odelouca dam using a subloading surface soil model
    A. Brito, J.R. Maranha, L. Caldeira & C. Pereira

    Effects of foundation flexibility and water compressibility on dam responses
    P. Chatterjee & G.-J. Schreppers

    Back-analysis of an embankment constructed in soft soil using the Cysoil model
    C. Detournay, A. Lucarelli &Varun

    Self-protection of a quasi-homogeneous embankment dam revealed by advanced analyses and monitoring
    F. Federico, R. Jappelli, A. Montanaro & M. Scienza

    Anisotropic total and effective stress stability analysis of the Perniö failure test
    M. D’Ignazio, J. Mansikkamäki & T. Länsivaara

    Deformation mechanism and dynamic response of Huangtupo landslides in Three Gorges Reservoir in case of frequent microseisms
    J. Jiang, J. Pan,W. Zhang, W. Xiang & J. Rohn

    Finite element evaluation of the stress field in a slope stability analysis
    M. Tabbara & A. El Howayek

    3D finite element analysis of a RCC dam
    F. Tschuchnigg, H.F. Schweiger & S. Pausz

    Study on rheological characteristic of 300m high rockfill dam with core wall
    H. Xu, Z.-L. Cheng, B. Huang, J.-J. Pan & W. Zhang

    Shallow and deep foundations

    Modeling and safety assessment of a piled raft comprising defective piles
    T.T. Abdel-Fattah, A.A. Hemada & M.T. Abdel-Fattah

    Predicting the settlement of shallow foundations on sand using a shear hardening Mohr-Coulomb constitutive model
    J.P. Doherty & D. MuirWood

    Validation of 3D finite element solution for laterally loaded passive piles
    A. Ekici & N. Huvaj

    The effect of surcharge load on the lateral resistance of a row of piles in clay
    K. Georgiadis

    Numerical simulation of pile installation processes in dry and saturated granular soils
    J. Grabe, T. Pucker & T. Hamann

    Numerical study on settlement of piled foundations on homogenous rock
    H.T. Eid & A.A. Shehada

    Predicting the settlement of footings on sand using a bounding surface plasticity model
    T. Hughes, D.M.G. Taborda, L. Zdravkovic & D.M. Potts

    Limit lateral resistance of vertical piles in plane strain
    D. Loukidis & V. Vavourakis

    Behaviour of piled rafts with piles of different lengths and distributions under vertical loading
    M.H. Mansour, A.Y. Akl & H.K. Moustafa

    Finite element-based parametric analysis of mat foundations
    S.W. Tabsh & M.M. El-Emam

    Undrained bearing capacity of circular footings on Tresca soil using adaptive finite element analysis
    L. Tapper, C.M. Martin & B.W. Byrne

    Finite element analysis of soil-structure interaction in disconnected piled raft foundations
    F. Tradigo, F. Pisanò, C. di Prisco, A. Mussi & R. Persio

    Author index


    Volume II

    Excavations and retaining walls

    Deep cylindrical excavations in soft soils retained by reinforced concrete diaphragm walls: Analysis considering the consolidation effect
    J.L. Borges & A.N. Alves

    Coupled analysis of a strutted excavation in soft soil: Study of the effect of constructing a jet-grout base slab
    J.L. Borges & A.S. Monteiro

    Evaluating the influence of deep excavations on neighboring buildings by numerical analysis
    C. Capraru & D. Adam

    Numerical analysis of deep excavations and prediction of their influence on neighboring buildings
    C. Capraru, D. Adam, J. Hoffmann & M. Pelzl

    FE analyses of horizontal deformations due to excavation processes in Gothenburg clay
    S. Dawd, R. Trygg & M. Karstunen

    The influence of operational stiffness of structural components on the performance of deep excavations
    Y.P. Dong, H.J. Burd & G.T. Houlsby

    Back analysis of pile–soil interaction during diaphragm wall installation
    I.S. Haryono & M. Korff

    3D numerical analysis and performance of deep excavations in Kenny Hill formation
    K.H. Law, H. Roslan & I. Zubaidah

    A study in an attempt to use embedded pile structure elements to simulate soil nail structures in PLAXIS 2D 2012 and 3D 2012
    S.C. Lo

    Numerical simulation of a deep excavation in London Clay
    P.G. Measham, D.M.G. Taborda, L. Zdravkovic & D.M. Potts

    Analysis of displacement patterns during an excavation using different constitutive models
    K. Nitzsche & I. Herle

    A study of failure mechanism for deep excavations in soft clay using the finite element method
    C.Y. Ou & T.N. Do

    The case of Cityringen Metro Line in Copenhagen: Damage risk assessment for buildings adjacent to deep excavation
    M. Da Parè, A. Damiani & S. Notarianni

    Ground movement induced by a deep excavation in the historic center of Brescia
    A. Sanzeni & F. Colleselli

    Assessing the effects of constructing the Colosseo/Fori Imperiali station on the Basilica di Massenzio in Rome, Italy
    F.C. Schroeder, A.S. Merritt, C.O. Menkiti, M. Caianiello, D.M. Potts & R. Sorge

    Lateral pressures on soil nail walls supporting high plasticity clays
    N. Yelti, A. Elmore, M. Diaz, A.T. Papagiannakis & S. Bin-Shafique


    3D PLAXIS modeling of tunneling-induced ground arching
    L.T. Chen

    Numerical modeling of tunneling effects on adjacent structures
    A.M. Elleboudy,W.A. Dawood & N.M. Saleh

    Numerical prediction of tunnelling-induced settlements in coarse-grained soils
    V. Fargnoli, D. Boldini & A. Amorosi

    Numerical modeling of an instrumented shallow gallery excavated in Toulouse’s molasses by a conventional method
    M.N. Houhou & F. Emeriault

    2D and 3D numerical analysis for the design of a TBM dismantling cavern to be excavated under sensitive buildings for Paris metro line extension
    J.P. Janin, A. Martin & O. Gastebled

    Finite-element modeling of the behavior of underground caverns excavated in rock salt
    K. Khaledi, T. Schanz & M. Datcheva

    Comparisons of different modelling of an excavation realized in fractured and weathered rocks
    T. Le Cor, V. Merrien-Soukatchoff, D. Rangeard, C. Rescourio & J. Simon

    Three dimensional FE analyses of NATM tunnels in weak rock
    K. Papadopoulou

    Pile foundation and tunnel interaction in mechanized shield tunneling
    M. Sepehrmanesh, V. Nasri, N. Allahverdi & M. Partovi

    Longitudinal cracks in pressure tunnels: Numerical modelling and structural behaviour of passive pre-stressed concrete linings
    T.D.Y.F. Simanjuntak, M. Marence, A.E. Mynett &A.J. Schleiss

    Three-dimensional face stability and deformation analysis of tunneling with TBMs
    A. Sobhanmanesh, R.B. Nazir & N. Gofar

    Tunnelling in the vicinity of highly sensitive structures
    V. Szántó, D. Borbély, T. Megyeri & B. Beno

    The influence of the soil constitutive model on the numerical assessment of mechanized tunneling
    K.N. Vakili, A.A. Lavasan, T. Schanz & M. Datcheva


    Modelling long-term response of coastal structures for the safeguard of the Venetian Lagoon
    M.F. García Martínez & L. Tonni

    Comparison between field measurements and numerical analysis for road embankment settlements
    G. Grget, K. Ravnjak & V. Szavits-Nossan

    Probabilistic evaluation of dynamic response of caisson quay walls in soil improved by fiber: A numerical study
    Y. Jafarian, M. Miraei, A. Lashgari & P. Shakeri

    The combined analytical and numerical calculations to evaluate fatigue failure for thin and lightweight pavements
    L. Korkiala-Tanttu & J. Pihlajamäki

    Numerical studies of upgrading sheet pile quay walls using submerged grouted anchors: A parametric study
    A. Mollahasani, A. Benedetti, A. Lamberti, L. Sciacca & C. Melegari

    Numerical modeling of a pile-supported T-wall structure for hurricane protection
    A.B. Reeb, G.M. Filz & J.C. Volk

    Three-dimensional nonlinear continuum seismic soil-structure interaction analysis of skewed bridge abutments
    A. Shamsabadi & K.M. Rollins

    Dynamic behaviour of plate element simulating asphalt revetment of sea dike during wave attack
    S. Tan, M.A. Hicks & P.A. Vermeer

    Finite element analysis to predict movements of a bridge pier due to adjacent excavation
    S.Wu & S. Mitchell

    Groundwater flow, thermal and coupled analysis

    Numerical analysis of thermo-mechanical behavior of energy pile foundations
    S. Bayandor, A. Noorzad, A.R. Mahboubi Ardakani & M. Delfan Azari

    On Thermo-Hydro-Mechanically (THM) coupled finite element modeling of ground freezing and thawing
    Y.W. Bekele & H. Kyokawa

    Ground thermal modelling and analysis of energy pile foundations
    C.P. Cervera, G. Sinnathamby, H. Gustavsson & L. Korkiala-Tanttu

    Evolution of clay fabric and water retention properties along hydromechanical stress paths
    A.C. Dieudonne, R. Charlier, S. Levasseur, G. Della Vecchia & C. Jommi

    Numerical simulation of laboratory freezing tests of frost-susceptible soils
    A.A. Korshunov, S. Churkin & A. Nevzorov

    A simplified model to simulate ionic transport by electrokinetics in soil
    J.T. Lima, M.C. Barbosa & F.C.B. Mascarenhas

    Coupled two-component flow in deformable fractured porous media with application to modelling geological carbon storage
    D.L. Lincoln, H. Askes, C.C. Smith, J.C. Cripps & T. Bennett

    Modelling groundwater flow in Tikkurila area, Vantaa
    E. Lottanen, L. Korkiala-Tanttu & I. Mataic

    Parameter identification for a thermo-hydro-mechanical model of the buffer material: Stochastic based back analysis
    L. Nguyen-Tuan, T. Schanz, M. Datcheva & E. Stoimenova

    Pore network modeling of unsaturated soils: Fundamentals, recent advancements and future perspectives
    E. Nikooee, G. Habibagahi, H. Khaksar, S.M. Hassanizadeh &A. Raoof

    Strain-dependent soil-water characteristic curve parameters
    A.Y. Pasha, N. Khalili & A. Khoshghalb

    Verifications against geo-hydraulic failure with FEM
    E. Perau & A. Slotta

    Stability of unsaturated soil slope subject to rain infiltration using coupled and uncoupled finite element approaches
    R.J.Q. Quispe & C. Romanel

    Double porosity behaviour and application in geotechnical problems
    S. Salimzadeh & N. Khalili

    Consolidation analyses considering gas entrapment below the phreatic surface
    O. Stelzer, H. Montenegro & B. Odenwald

    Numerical analysis of heat transfer in thermo-active diaphragm walls
    D. Sterpi, A. Angelotti, D. Corti & M. Ramus

    Modeling the soil-pile interaction of geothermal piles
    M.E. Suryatriyastuti, H. Mroueh & S. Burlon

    Influence of hydraulic hysteresis on spherical cavity expansion results
    H. Yang & A.R. Russell

    Numerical modelling of electro-osmosis consolidation of unsaturated clay at large strain
    J. Yuan & M.A. Hicks

    A thermo-elasto-plastic model for normally consolidated and overconsolidated soils
    A.N. Zhou & Y.P. Yao

    Cellular automata for modeling transport phenomena in porous media
    E.H. Zubeldia, L.C.S.M. Ozelim & A.L.B. Cavalcante

    Dynamic applications

    Experimental and numerical modeling of machine foundations on a saturated soil
    S.F.A. Al-Wakel, M.Y. Fattah, H.H. Karim & A.H.C. Chan

    Influence of dynamic soil-structure interaction on building response to ground vibration
    L.V. Andersen

    Effect of material properties on seismic response of non-yielding retaining walls
    A.M. Bigdeli & M.M. El-Emam

    Seismic foundation design for Girard Road undercrossing, Presidio Parkway Project, San Francisco, California
    W.-Y. Chen, A. Bro, A. Fernandez & A. Herlache

    On the finite element formulation of dynamic two-phase problems
    A. Cividini

    The importance of including dynamic soil-structure interaction into wind turbine simulation codes
    M. Damgaard, L.V. Andersen & L.B. Ibsen

    Dynamic analysis of piles subjected to axial and lateral loading with emphasis on soil and interface nonlinearities
    N. Gerolymos, K. Kassas, E. Bouzoni & R.B.J. Brinkgreve

    Analytical and numerical investigations on the vertical seismic site response
    B. Han, L. Zdravkovic & S. Kontoe

    Numerical modeling of natural gas buried pipelines under seismic shaking
    G. Lanzano, F. Santucci de Magistris, G. Fabbrocino & E. Salzano

    Numerical seismic response analysis of Keddara dam under differential motions
    S. Louadj, R. Bahar, E. Vincens & N. Laouami

    Numerical simulation of liquefaction-induced deformation of embankments on non-homogeneous foundation
    M. Maharjan & A. Takahashi

    A numerical simulation on the dynamic response of MSE wall with LWA backfill
    H. Munjy, F.M. Tehrani, M. Xiao & M. Zoghi

    Phenomenological simulation of the seismic response of ground stabilized with colloidal silica
    A.G. Papadimitriou, G.I. Agapoulaki & K.I. Andrianopoulos

    Seismic amplification factors for mountain slopes
    D. Park, J.-K. Ahn & J.-H. Lee

    Soil-structure interaction: The case study of a masonry tower
    M.R. Pecce, S. Sica, F. Ceroni & B. Principe

    Model quality investigations of induced moving loads of high-speed trains
    M. Shahraki, M.R. Salehi Sadaghiani, K.J.Witt & T. Meier

    Numerical methods for innovative seismic design and analysis of tunnel structures located in highly active seismic zones
    A. Shamsabadi, T. Marcher, M. Kapuskar & E. Saurer

    Validation of seismic soil-foundation-structure interaction analysis procedures for instrumented bridges
    A. Shamsabadi & M. Partovi

    Effective stress analysis to assess the performance of ground improvement under seismic loading
    S. Terzaghi & A. O’Sullivan

    Dynamic analyses of propped retaining structures
    G. Tropeano & F.M. Soccodato

    Influence of a wave barrier (EPS) on the dynamic behavior of the surrounding soil
    L. Xu & L. Kellezi

    3D numerical modeling of underground explosion in saturated sand
    F. Ye, C.H. Yeo, S.H. Goh, S. Anand & T.B. Soh

    Seismic soil–caisson foundation–structure interaction: Characterizing the response in performance-based design terms
    A. Zafeirakos & N. Gerolymos

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