Nutraceutical Proteins and Peptides in Health and Disease  book cover
1st Edition

Nutraceutical Proteins and Peptides in Health and Disease

ISBN 9780429115363
Published September 29, 2005 by CRC Press
688 Pages

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Book Description

Reports of the beneficial health effects of some peptides have begun to make their way into the scientific literature. Peptides can act as immunomodulators, and have been shown to have a positive influence on calcium absorption, and on regulation of serum cholesterol. A number of peptides may also possess antimicrobial properties that enhance the body's defense mechanisms, and others may produce inhibitory effects for angiotensin-I-converting enzyme (ACE), leading to novel treatments for blood pressure conditions, heart failure, and diabetes. Modern food biotechnology may also allow for the production of highly important products for those suffering life-altering food allergies.

A compendium of cutting-edge information for research scientists and clinicians

Nutraceutical Proteins and Peptides in Health and Disease is the first book that provides comprehensive discussions on bioactive proteins and peptides in the area of nutraceutical and functional foods. It looks at protein and peptide impact on the body's absorption, defense, regulating, and nervous systems, then delves into hypo-allergenic foods and modern approaches to nutraceutical research and production. With 32 chapters written by 63 scientists working at the frontier of this revolutionizing field, it includes state-of-the-art information on--

  • The cholesterol-lowering capabilities of proteins and peptides
  • Opioid-like peptides
  • The antibodies found in milk and egg yolks
  • Enzymes derived from traditional Asian fermented foods found useful in novel thrombolytic therapy
  • ACE-inhibitory peptides
  • Enzymatic treatments used to create anti-allergenic food
  • Recent developments in proteomics that are making certain processes economically feasible, including those employed in the binding of bioactive peptides

    Nutraceutical Proteins and Peptides in Health and Disease provides a compendium of cutting-edge information that can be put to direct use in research, therapy, and production. Biochemists, nutritional scientists, food scientists, and health professionals, as well as graduate students in these fields, will find this book highly useful.
  • Table of Contents

    I Nutrient Absorption System
    Nutraceutical Proteins and Peptides in Health and Disease: An Overview: Y. Mine and F. Shahidi
    Calcium-Binding Peptides: D. Kitts
    Mineral-Binding Proteins and Peptides and the Bioavailability of Trace Elements: D. Bouglé and S. Bouhallab
    Cholesterol-Lowering Proteins and Peptides: Satoshi Nagaoka
    Heavy-Metal-Binding Proteins: Jennifer Kovacs-Nolan and Yoshinori Mine
    Tight-Junction-Modulatory Factors in Food: Makoto Shimizu and Akira Mori
    II Body's Defense System
    Antimicrobial Peptides: Judy C.K. Chan and Eunice C.Y. Li-Chan
    Bovine Milk Antibodies for Protection against Microbial Human Diseases: Hannu Korhonen and Pertti Marnila
    Avian Immunoglobulin Y and its Application in Human Health and Disease: Jennifer Kovacs-Nolan, Yoshinori Mine, and Hajime Hatta
    Antiangiogenic Proteins, Peptides, and Amino Acids: Jack N. Losso and Hiba A. Bawadi
    Relevance of Growth Factors for the Gastrointestinal Tract and Other Organs: Subrata Ghosh and Raymond J. Playford
    Cystatin: A Novel Bioactive Protein: Soichiro Nakamura
    III Body's Regulating System
    ACE Inhibitory Peptides: Hans Meisel, Daniel Walsh, Brian Murray, and Richard J. FitzGerald
    Regulation of Bone Metabolism: Milk Basic Protein: Yukihiro Takada and Seiichiro Aoe
    Anticariogenic Peptides: K.J. Cross, N.L. Huq, and E.C. Reynolds
    Fibrinolytic Enzymes from Food in Cardiovascular Disease: Ada H.-K. Wong and Yoshinori Mine
    IV Body's Nervous System
    Opioid Peptides: Daniel Tomé, Benjamin Guesdon, and Lisa Pichon
    Factor on Body's Nervous System: Relaxation Effects of Tea L-Theanine: M. Ozeki, T.P. Rao, and L.R. Juneja
    V Hypoallergenic Foods
    Introduction to Food Allergy: Steve L. Taylor and Susan L. Hefle
    The Production of Hypoallergenic Wheat Flour for Wheat-Allergic Patients: Soichi Tanabe and Jun Watanabe
    Milk Proteins: Koko Mizumachi and Jun-ichi Kurisaki
    Egg Proteins: Prithy Rupa and Yoshinori Mine
    Soybean: T. Ogawa
    Meat Allergy: Soichi Tanabe and Toshihide Nishimura
    Rice-Seed Allergenic Proteins and Hypoallergenic Rice: Tsukasa Matsuda, Masayuki Nakase, Angelina M. Alvarez, Hidehiko Izumi, Takeo Kato, and Yuichi Tada
    Buckwheat Allergy: Chein-Soo Hong and Kyu-Earn Kim
    VI Modern Approaches to BioactiveProteins and Peptides
    Database of Protein and Bioactive Peptide Sequences: Jerzy Dziuba and Anna Iwaniak
    Rational Designing of Bioactive Peptides: S. Nakai and N. Alizadeh-Pasdar
    Engineering Hen Egg-White Lysozyme: Akio Kato
    New Methodologies for the Synthesis of Oligopeptides and Conformation-Constrained Peptidomimetics: Kazuhiro Chiba
    Lacticin 3147 : Paul D. Cotter, Colin Hill, and R. Paul Ross
    Membrane-Based Fractionation and Purification Strategies for Bioactive Peptides: Yves Pouliot, Sylvie F. Gauthier, and Paule Emilie Groleau

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