3rd Edition

Nutrition in Exercise and Sport, Third Edition

Edited By Ira Wolinsky Copyright 1997

    The third edition of Nutrition in Exercise and Sport has been updated and expanded to include the latest developments in the field. This third edition of a bestseller among sports nutrition and health professionals now fully discusses the role of exercise and nutrition in both wellness and in disease prevention. In addition, new chapters on the history of sports nutrition, antioxidants, vegetarianism, the young athlete, the older athlete, the diabetic athlete, the physically disabled athlete, sports specific nutrient requirements, and body composition changes have been added. Top sports nutrition practitioners and exercise scientists have contributed chapters that provide practical nutritional guidelines for those engaged in various types of physical performance. This book is a one-volume library on sports nutrition for research scientists in applied sports nutrition, dietitians, exercise physiologists, sports medicine physicians, coaches, trainers, athletes, and nutritionists. The first two editions of this book have been widely used in sports nutrition courses. Nutrition in Exercise and Sport is the standard in the field.

    Exercise Nutrition: From Antiquity to the Twentieth Century and Beyond, F.I. Katch, W.D. McArdle, V.L. Katch, and J.A. Freeman
    Overview: Nutrition in Exercise and Sport, J.J.B. Anderson and R.G. McMurray
    Carbohydrate Metabolism in Sport and Exercise, J.G. Wilkinson and M. Liebman
    Effects of Diet and Exercise on Lipids and Lipoproteins, T.D. Murray, W.G. Squires, Jr., G.H. Hartung, and J. Bunger
    Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism during Exercise and Recovery, G.L. Paul, T.A. Gautsch, and D.K. Layman
    Overview of Human Energy Transfer and Nutrition, C.G.R. Jackson
    Exercise and the B Vitamins, P.M. Clarkson
    Trace Minerals and Exercise, E.D. Haymes
    Nutrition and Bone in Physical Activity and Sport, J.J.B. Anderson, M. Stender, P. Rondano, L. Bishop, and A.B. Duckett
    Nutritional Antioxidants and Physical Activity, M.M. Kanter
    Water and Electrolytes during Physical Activity, L.C. Senay, Jr.
    Nutrient Beverages for Physical Performance, S.M. Puhl and E.R. Buskirk
    Dietary Supplements as Ergogenic Aids, L.R. Bucci
    Nutrition and Strength, T.L. Bazzarre
    Dietary Habits of Olympic Athletes, A.C. Grandjean, K.J. Reimers, and J.S. Ruud
    Nutritional Concerns of Female Athletes, J.S. Ruud and A.C. Grandjean
    The Vegetarian Athlete, R.A. Ratzin
    Nutrition and the Young Athlete, S.M. Groziak and G.D. Miller
    Nutrition and the Older Athlete, C.L. Rock
    The Diabetic Athlete, E. Small, E.J. Rayfield, and D. Aaronson
    Nutrition and the Physically Disabled Athlete, J. Kandiah
    Nutrient Requirements for Competitive Sports, R. Murray and C.A. Horswill
    Nutrition Knowledge of Athletes and Their Coaches and Surveys of Dietary Intake, L. Marquart, E.A. Cohen, and S.H. Short
    Nutrition and Performance in Hot, Cold, and High Altitude Environments, E.W. Askew
    Body Composition in Exercise and Sport, H.C. Lukaski
    Immunocompetence in Physical Activity and Sport, L. Hoffman-Goetz


    Ira Wolinsky, Ph.D., is Professor of Nutrition at the University of Houston. He received his B.S. degree in chemistry from the City College of New York in 1960 and his M.S. (1965) and Ph.D. (1968) degrees in biochemistry from Kansas University. He has served in research and teaching positions at the Hebrew University (both the Medical School and the Faculty of Agriculture), the University of Missouri, and Pennsylvania State University. He has also conducted research at NASA research centers and served as official consultant in India, the U.S.S.R., Hungary, and Bulgaria., Dr. Wolinsky is a member of the American Society for Nutritional Sciences and the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, among other scientific organizations. He is the editor of the CRC Series on Modern Nutrition, the CRC Series on Nutrition in Exercise and Sport, and co-editor of the CRC Series on Methods in Nutrition Research and the CRC Series on Exercise Physiology., Dr. Wolinsky has contributed numerous nutrition papers in the open literature, coauthored a book on the history of the science of nutrition, and co-edited the CRC volumes Nutritional Concerns of Women and also Sports Nutrition, Vitamins and Trace Elements. His current major research interests include the nutrition of bone and calcium and sports nutrition.

    "This book, already acknowledged as an invaluable reference text, has been updated and expanded in the third edition to include the latest developments in the field. …impressively, all previous chapters have been updated. …The third edition, with over 100 references in most of the 26 chapters, is a one-volume library and will prove invaluable to all those concerned with the study, research and application of nutrition to sport, exercise and physical education."
    - David Kellet, Chester College, in European Physical Education Review

    "This is a very valuable book for the library on sports nutrition for nutritionists, dietitians, exercise physiologists, and sports medicine physicians."
    -Environmental & Nutritional Interactions

    "Anyone involved in sports and exercise should have this book in their personal library. It is an invaluable reference on almost all aspects of nutrition in exercise and sports."
    -Mauro G. Di Pasquale, M.D. in Drugs in Sport

    "Nutrition in Exercise and Sport is an outstanding reference book for university libraries and anyone involved in counseling or studying athletes."
    -Alice K. Lindeman in International Journal of Sport Nutrition

    "...a comprehensive treatise on the mutual relationships of nutrition and of physical exercise and sport...in short, an excellent textbook."
    -Karl Y. Guggenheim in Israel Journal of Medical Science