1st Edition

Occupational Health and Safety in the Food and Beverage Industry

By Ebrahim Noroozi, Ali R. Taherian Copyright 2023
    320 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    A safe and healthy working environment is a vital aspect of the food and beverage processing industry. Occupational Health and Safety in the Food and Beverage Industry provides key information on food and beverage manufacturing disease, injury management, and safer steps for employees to get back to work and discusses food security, safety, biosecurity, defense food safety, and quality including food adulteration.


    • Discusses fundamentals of occupational health and safety in the food and beverage industry
    • Highlight standards and legislations as related to occupational health and safety for food and beverage processing sectors
    • Covers hazards, elements, accident prevention, various hazards present in food and beverage sectors, and their disease and injury management
    • Explores ethical issues in agri-food processing sectors and their effects on sustainability
    • Introduces importance, organization, and management for food and beverage processing sectors to prevent losses

    The book is intended for professionals in the fields of occupational health and safety, food engineering, chemical engineering, and process engineering.

    1. Introduction: Health & Safety Organization. 2. Fundamentals of Health and Safety Management. 3. Health and Safety Legislation, Audit and Standards. 4. Accident Prevention Elements. 5. Occupational Hazard Origin and Preventive Measures. 6. Occupational Injury and its Management in Food and Beverage Industry. 7. Food Security, Safety, Biosecurity and Defense. 8. OHS from Ethics to Sustainability an Agri - Food Concern. 9. The Future of OHS in Food and Beverage Industries.


    Ebrahim Noroozi obtained his B.Sc. degree with 1st class honors from Institute of Food Science Engineering in Tehran, Iran in 1972 and his M.Sc. degree with honors in Food & Dairy Chemistry at McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 1978.

    He has published and or collaborated in more than one hundred research, books, industrial reports publications as well as number of new developed products. He has been providing extensive presentations, workshop, and lectures in OHS in food and beverage processing industry nationally and internationally since 1978. He joined Food Science Department at McGill University in Canada in 1987 where he is presently Manager of Department Teaching Laboratories and has been acting professionally as Food Scientist (CFS), Occupational Health & Safety Professionals (CRSP) as well as Professional Chemist (P. Chem.) in the field.

    Professional Accreditation, Certifications, and awards

    • Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals as Certified Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP), Quebec RSC Chair & Ambassador, Quebec, Canada, 1995 - Present
    • The International Food Science Certification Committee (IFSCC) at IFT (institute of Food Technologists) as Certified Food Scientist (CFS), 2013 – Present
    • Ordre des Chimistes du Quebec as Professional Chemist (P. Chem.), 1989 – 1999
    • Winner of more than a dozen National and international Awards including Canada’s Governor General Sovereign Medal for Volunteers (SMV) 2021
    • Commissioner of Oath, Ministry of Justice, Quebec, Canada. 1987 – Present.

    Ali R. Taherian joined McGill University on 1991 after serving food process industries for 15 years to pursue his Master and PhD educations. He then joined Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada as a research professional while serving McGill University as adjunct professor. He published more that 50 peer reviewed articles, book and chapter books and provided over 500 presentations and workshops on Food safety and security worldwide. He also co-supervised and graduated over 12 Master and PhD students from different countries.