1st Edition

On Abstract and Historical Hypotheses and on Value Judgments in Economic Sciences Critical Edition, with an Introduction and Afterword by Paolo Silvestri

Edited By Paolo Silvestri, Luigi Einaudi Copyright 2017
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    Luigi Einaudi (1874-1961) was a leading liberal economist, economic historian and political figure. This book provides the English-speaking world with a first critical edition of Einaudi’s – hitherto unpublished – rewriting of one of his most unique and thoughtful essays.

    The relevance of this essay is crucial from several perspectives: history and methodology of economic thought, role of economics and its relation to other disciplines and to social values, role of economists in the public sphere, while also encompassing the discourse on man and the economist as a "whole man". The critical edition of On Abstract and Historical Hypotheses and on Value Judgments in Economic Sciences includes a comprehensive introduction and afterword. An extensive reappraisal of this newly discovered essay will help to cast light on Einaudi’s uniqueness and originality within and beyond the Italian tradition in public finance, thereby also illuminating his attempt to provide an epistemological account of his long lasting enquiry into the causes of good and bad polities.

    This book is of great interest to those who study economic theory and philosophy, as well as history of economic thought, public economics and legal and political philosophy.

    Editorial foreword


    The defence of economic science and the issue of value judgments

    Luigi Einaudi, On Abstract and Historical Hypotheses and on Value Judgments in Economic Sciences

    I. Abstract hypotheses and historical hypotheses

    II. On some abstract hypotheses concerning the state and on their historical value

    III. On value judgements in economic sciences

    Bibliographical note

    Freedom and taxation between good and bad polity, and the economist-whole-man


    Luigi Einaudi (1874–1961) was a leading liberal economist, journalist, economic historian, one of the major representatives of the Italian tradition in public finance and political figure: Governor of the Bank of Italy, Minister for the Budget and President of the Italian Republic.

    Paolo Silvestri is Research Fellow in Economics at the Department of Economics and Statistics "Cognetti de Martiis", University of Turin. He is also Habilitated Associate Professor both in Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy.

    "In these doom times, when economics and politics are again closely and dangerously interconnected, re-reading Einaudi through the lens of Paolo Silvestri is definitely an enlightening and charming intellectual challenge."

    Fabio Masini, University of Roma Tre