1st Edition

On Collecting Japanese Colour-Prints Being an Introduction to the Study and Collection of the Colour-prints of the Ukiyoye School of Japan

By Basil Stewart Copyright 1917

    First published in 1917, On Collecting Japanese-Prints is meant to assist the amateur who has started a collection for the first time, or the person who, while not actually a collector, is sufficiently interested to read about the subject, yet finds the more exhaustive and advanced works thereon somewhat beyond them. How to distinguish forgeries and imitations; what prices should be given; what examples can still be obtained, are some of the questions which the writer has attempted to answer. The following chapters being primarily written for the beginner, artists whose work is very rare, or whose prints they are unlikely to come across in their search for examples, are not mentioned, unless where necessary from a historical or artistic point of view.

    Preface 1. How Colour-Prints were Produced 2. On Forming a Collection 3. Forgeries, imitations, and Reprints 4. Some Account of the Artists of the Ukiyoye School 5. Artists of the Ukiyoye School 6. The Landscape Artists, Hokusai and Hiroshige 7. Subjects Portrayed by the Ukiyoye Artists 8. Japanese Chronology as Applied to the Dating of Prints


    Basil Stewart