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On the Syllogism
And Other Logical Writings

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Published September 21, 2021 by Routledge
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Originally published in 1966 On the Syllogism and Other Logical Writings assembles for the first time the five celebrated memoirs of Augustus De Morgan on the syllogism. These are collected together with the more condensed accounts of his researches given in his Syllabus of a Proposed System of Logic an article on Logic contributed to the English Cyclopaedia. De Morgan was among the most distinguished of nineteenth century British mathematicians but is chiefly remembered today as one of the founders of modern mathematical logic. His writings on this subject have been little read, however since apart from his Formal Logic, they lie buried for the most part in inaccessible periodicals. De Morgan’s own later amendments are inserted in the text and the editorial introduction gives a summary of the whole and traces in some detail the course of the once-famous feud with Sir William Hamilton of Edinburgh.

Table of Contents


Editor’s Introduction

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1. On the Syllogism I: On the Structure of the Syllogism

1.1. On the Meaning of the Simple Term

1.2. On the Simple Proposition

1.3. On the Quantity of Propositions

1.4. On the Syllogism


2. On the Syllogism II: On the Symbols of Logic, the Theory of the Syllogism, and in Particular of the Copula

2.1. On the Approximation of Logical and Algebraical Modes of Thought

2.2. On the Formation of Symbolic Notation for Propositions and Syllogisms

2.3. On the Symbolic Forms of the Extension of the Aristotelian System in Which Contraries are Admitted

2.4. On the Symbolic Forms of the System in Which All the Combinations of Quantity are Introduced by Arbitrary Invention of Forms of Prediction

2.5. On the Theory of the Copula and its Connexion with the Doctrine of Figure


3. Some Suggestions in Logical Phraseology

4. On the Syllogism III: and on Logic in General

4.1. General Considerations

4.2. First Elements of a System of Logic


5. Syllabus of a Proposed System of Logic

6. On the Syllogism: IV and on the Logic of Relations

7. Appendix: On Syllogisms of Transposed Quantity

8. Logic: from the English Cyclopaedia

9. On the Syllogism: V; and on Various Points of Onymatic System

Appendix: On the Syllogism: VI. On Quantity and Location; on Identity in Relation to the Syllogism; on the History of the Mnemonic Words, of the Fourth Figure, of Logic at Cambridge, of the Occult Quality; on the Triadic System of Enunciation (1868. Summary)

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Augustus De Morgan (Author) ,  Peter Heath (Edited by