1st Edition

Oral Colon-Specific Drug Delivery

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ISBN 9780849366888
Published July 27, 1992 by CRC Press
288 Pages

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Book Description

Oral Colon-Specific Drug Delivery covers approaches used to deliver a variety of drugs to the colon. Anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract as it affects colonic drug delivery and pharmacokinetics are reviewed, as well as drug absorption from the colon. The book presents valuable information on a variety of topics, including oral peptide/protein delivery, dextran-based delivery systems, glycoside/glycosidase-based delivery, azo-bond prodrugs, hydroxypropyl methacrylamide copolymers for colonic delivery, and matrices for colonic drug delivery. Special emphasis is placed on delivery systems, especially biochemical approaches to delivery, such as the use of degradable polymers and both low and high molecular weight prodrugs.

Oral Colon-Specific Drug Delivery will provide a valuable reference resource for gastroenterologists, pharmaceutical scientists, and other researchers working with drug delivery to the colon.

Table of Contents

Anatomy and Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Implications for Colonic Drug Delivery (B. Haeberlin and D.R. Friend). Drug Absorption in the Colon: A Critical Review (R.J. Mrsny). Kinetic Perspectives in Colonic Drug Delivery (A.D. McLeod and T.N. Tozer). Oral Colon-Specific Drug Delivery with Emphasis on Insulin (M. Saffran). Low-Molecular-Weight Azo Compounds (E. Märta Ryde). Glycosides in Colonic Drug Delivery (D.R. Friend). N-(2-Hydroxypropyl) Methacrylamide Copolymers for Colon Specific Drug Delivery (J. Kopecek and P. Kopecekova). Dextran-Prodrugs for Colon-Specific Delivery (A.D. McLeod). Biodegradable Polymeric Matrices With Potential Specificity to the Large Intestine (A. Rubinstein and A. Sintov).

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