1st Edition

Organization of Prokaryotic Cell Membranes Volume I

By Bijan K. Ghosh Copyright 1981

    This book has information about prokaryotes, prokaryotes are single-celled organisms that are the earliest and most primitive forms of life on earth. As organized in the Three Domain System, prokaryotes include bacteria and archaeans. Some prokaryotes, such as cyanobacteria, are photosynthetic organisms and are capable of photosynthesis. There are sections in this book that explain the role of membranes in transport, about bioenergetics of bacteria cells, Mycoplasma, immunology of bacteria membrane and receptors.

    Volume 1: 1. The Role of Membranes in the Transport of Small Molecules 2. The Role of the Membrane in the Bioenergetics of Bacterial Cell 3. Immunology of the Bacterial Membrane 4. The Mycoplasma Membrane Volume 2: 1. Bacterial Cell Surface Receptors 2. The Mesosome 3. The Gas Vesicle 4. Membranes of phototropic bacteria


    Bijan K. Ghosh