1st Edition

Organizational Change in Post-Communist Europe Management and Transformation in the Czech Republic

By Ed Clark, Anna Soulsby Copyright 1999

    This book provides a unique and detailed examination of the complex processes of transformation in former state-owned enterprises in the Czech Republic. Drawing on in-depth case studies of organizational transformation, the authors adopt a social-institutionalist approach to the study of organizational change, applying it in order to develop an explanation of organizational restructuring and management redefinition during the early transition period of 1990-1996. In particular, they highlight how these processes have been shaped by continuing historical state-socialist legacies and the powerful role played by senior managers in their efforts to fashion the new privatized organizations in their own interests.

    Part 1 Backgrounds and Contexts; Chapter 1 Studying Organization and Management Change in the Czech Republic; Chapter 2 Institutions, Organizations and Management; Part 2 Enterprise and Management Under State Socialism; Chapter 3 The Czechoslovak State Socialist Economy; Chapter 4 State Enterprises and Their Management in Czechoslovakia; Chapter 5 Czechoslovak Management and Organization; Part 3 The Emergence of Post-Communist Management; Chapter 6 The Post-Communist Context of Organizational Transformation; Chapter 7 Management, Enterprises and Institutional Change; Chapter 8 Continuity and Inertia in Enterprise Transition; Chapter 9 The Redefining of Czech Management and Enterprise; Part 4 Conclusions; Chapter 10 Economic Transformation As Institutional Change;


    Ed Clark is Principal Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University.,
    Anna Soulsby is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at the same institution. Their joint work on the post-communist transition has been published extensively in European and American journals, including Organization Studies, The Journal of Socio-Economics and the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

    'Clark and Soulsby provide a detailed and thought-provoking analysis of the process of societal transformation within the Czech republic. Furthermore, the research outlined here has considerable relevance for those interested in other transforming societies.' - Jon Oldfield, University of Birmingham

    '...this is a valuable book. It forces the reader to re-examine processes of transformation in Central and Eastern Europe from a slightly different (socio-institutional) angle compared to more conventional studies in the area.' - Bert M. Sadowski, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands