1st Edition

Organizational Transformation and Process Reengineering

ISBN 9781884015564
Published August 1, 1995 by CRC Press
224 Pages

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Book Description

Organizational Transformation and Process Engineering is the key to achieving success in the new customer-driven market economy. Organizations are going through tremendous changes, creating environments where all employees can contribute their best, where customer expectations are exceeded, and where efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and competitiveness are taken seriously as critical success factors.
Written to assist those companies and organizations striving to keep pace with the competitive atmosphere of the 90s, this book provides all the essential tools, techniques, methodologies, models, and technologies for transformation and reengineering. Broad and comprehensive in scope, Organizational Transformation and Process Reengineering explains how to change not just one area, but structures, policies, procedures, processes, and management systems-any aspect of an organizational structure that no longer responds to the current demands of the marketplace.
Years of research, teaching, consulting, and practical work experience led Dr. Edosomwan, a leader in his field, to put his unique and practical theories into a volume designed to help organizations overcome the impediments involved in process reengineering projects. He outlines a step-by-step methodology for analyzing organizational structures; the six R's of organizational transformation; models that can be utilized in both public and private organizations; tools and techniques for achieving reengineering goals; implementation plans; and key survival and success factors.

Table of Contents

Preface: A Wake-Up Call in a Competitive World Economy
Chapter 1: Foundation Elements for Organizational Transforming and Reengineering
Reengineering the Organization
The 6 R's of Organizational Transformation and Reengineering
Fundamentals of Process Reengineering
Preparing the Work Force for Transformation and Reengineering
Chapter 2: Principles and Methodology for Organizational Transformation and Reengineering
Guiding Principles for Transformation and Reengineering
Transformation and Reengineering Methodology
Chapter 3: Organizational Transformation Guidelines and Models
Organizational Transformation Guidelines
LMI CIP Transformation Model
DSMC Q&PMP Transformation Model
DSMC/ATI Performance-Improvement Model
Chapter 4: Reengineering Process Improvement Models
PMI Leadership Expectation Setting Model
Edosomwan Production and Service Improvement Model (PASIM)
Moen and Nolan Strategy for Process Improvement
Quality Functional Deployment (QFD)
The Quality Journal Model
LMI CIP Personal-Improvement Model
NPRDC Process-Improvement Model
FPL Improvement Opportunity Process Model
Joiner Associates' Model of Progress
LMI CIP Process-Improvement Model
Chapter 5: Tools and Techniques for Organizational Transformation and Process Reengineering
Process Analysis Technique (PAT)
Flow Charting and Process Analysis
Work Flow Analysis (WFA)
Value Analysis Approach
Nominal Group Technique (NGT)
Fishbone Diagram or Cause-and-Effect Diagram
How to Construct a Cause-and-Effect Diagram
Pareto Analysis
How to Construct a Pareto Diagram
Edosomwan Problem-Solving Framework
Cost of Quality
Team Building
Force Field Analysis
Chapter 6: Implementing Reengineering Teams and Projects
Rationale for Reengineering Teams
Types of Reengineering Teams
Guiding Reengineering Teams and Projects
Creating and Maintaining Reengineering Teams
Implementing Recommendations and Closing Out the Reengineering Team
Empowering the Reengineering Team
Chapter 7: Success Factors for Addressing Common Implementation Problems
People Involvement in Organizational Transformation and Reengineering
Involving the Union
Involving the Suppliers
Top Management Involvement & Participation
Blueprint for Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement Goals & Objectives
The Human Dimension and Resistance to Change
The Support Structures and Management Commitment
The Complexity of Work Systems and Processes
The Availability of New Technology
Acknowledgment of Technical Sources
Acknowledgment of Clients
Appendix A: Organizational Transformation and Reengineering Discussion and Tutorial Questions
Appendix B: Organizational Transformation Change Implementation Checklist
Appendix C: Process Reengineering Tools and Techniques Matrix
Appendix D: Selected Courses on Organizational and Process Reengineering Offered by Johnson and Johnson Associates, Inc.
Appendix E: Information Resources
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