Organizational and Process Reengineering : Approaches for Health Care Transformation book cover
1st Edition

Organizational and Process Reengineering
Approaches for Health Care Transformation

ISBN 9781482225143
Published August 5, 2015 by Productivity Press
188 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Winner of  the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) 2015 Book of the Year Award

Given the on-going changes and challenges faced by today’s health care organizations, Organizational and Process Reengineering Approaches for Health Care Transformation provides a practical, leader-led and team-based approach for reengineering organizations and transforming leaders and teams while creating new processes in the health care industry. It supplies a framework for organizational change to enable senior leaders to reengineer and transform their health care organizations.

The book presents proven and effective approaches and methodologies for leadership teams to help their organizations transform, thrive and grow. It goes beyond process improvement and other organizational change approaches, as it offers an integrated holistic approach that provides sustainable results.

The approach described in this book has already helped many large health care organizations dramatically improve their effectiveness by creating new service lines, lines of business, population health initiatives, new care management models as well as implementing game changing solutions and technology.

Well-grounded in organizational change and project management principles, this approach will help to ensure that the resulting work is implemented, accepted, and sustained by process owners and senior leaders. Descriptive case studies illustrate the practical application of the tools and techniques discussed.

The approach and mind-set outlined in the book allow, and even require, that all stakeholders come to the table. They do not require an engineering degree, expensive certifications, or the use of complicated processes or tools. They will not replace current improvement methods, but instead provide an organization-based framework to help you leverage and enhance your improvement efforts.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Intent of This Book
Why Use Reengineering and Process Redesign and Why Now?
How I Am Defining Reengineering and Process Redesign
Health Care Environment Today

Setting the Stage for Reengineering and Process Design
How Continuous Improvement Differs from Process Redesign or Reengineering
Why Do Organizational Reengineering and Process Redesign?
How Do You Select Projects for Reengineering?
When Not to Do Process Redesign
Who Are the Key Players and Why?
What Are the Key Prerequisites for Process Redesign?
Of Special Note to Senior Leaders
Identifying Core Strategic Business Processes
Is Your Process Really a Core Process?

Change Readiness for Leaders: Are You Ready to Lead Change?
Overview of the Eight Dimensions of the Change Readiness Index
Are You Flexible When Change Happens?
Do You Have a Sense of Adventure?
Are You Confident to Lead Change?
How Optimistic Are You?
How Passionate Are You about What You Do?
How Resourceful Are You?
Are You Tolerant of Ambiguity?
How Resilient Are You?
Conclusion and Opportunities to Learn More

Organizational Change
What Is Culture?
Role of Senior Leaders as Leaders of Organizational Change
What Does the Research Say?
Reengineering/Process Redesign Lends Itself to Being Led from the Top
Kotter and Cohen’s Organizational Change Readiness Assessment
How Does the Organization Decide That This Is the Way to Go?
Is the Organization on Board?
Establishing and Leading Reengineering in Your Organization

Overview of the Methods and Tools
Why Does the Organization Need to Change and Why Are We Targeting This Process?
What Are the Issues and What Is It That We Must Achieve?
How Might We Create and Implement the Ideal Process?

Roles and Responsibilities
Role of the Organization’s Senior Leaders
Orienting Senior Leaders
Role of the Facilitator
Role of the Team Leaders
Role of the Team Members
Role of Other Support Professionals
Identifying the Metrics for Success

Methodology for Reengineering and Process Redesign Teams
Conduct a Concerns Analysis
Identify Goals and Objectives of the Ideal Redesigned Process
Establish Process Metrics
Develop the Ideal Process Flowchart
Check the Ideal Process
Value-Added/Non-Value-Added Flowcharting
Perform Force Field Analysis
Develop the Implementation Work Plan
Employ Project Management Techniques

Role of Technology and Innovation
Use of Redesign Principles
Use of Value-Added/Non-Value-Added Flowcharting to Assess If and How Technology Can Help
Use of Force Field Analysis
Review of Information-Based Activities

Critical Success Factors
Critical Success Factors for Reengineering Process Redesign
Key Success Factors and Conclusion



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Dr. Jean Ann Larson has led organizational, professional, and business transformations for more than 25 years. She has served as an internal process engineer and consultant, change agent, vice president of clinical quality and safety, chief learning officer, and has founded an award-winning and respected corporate university. She also served as a senior executive of two large health care organizations where she led the functions of organizational effectiveness, process improvement, executive development, talent management, team building, employee engagement, accreditation, care management, quality and patient safety, as well as leading several clinical areas.

She is a past president of the Society for Health Systems of the Institute for Industrial Engineers and past vice chair of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. She also holds various certifications in process improvement, consulting, executive coaching, and several diagnostic assessments.

Jean Ann has a degree in industrial engineering, an international MBA, and a doctorate in organizational change from Pepperdine University, with an emphasis on personal, professional, and organizational transformation and change.

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Author - Jean Ann  Larson

Jean Ann Larson

CEO and Managing Partner, Jean Ann Larson & Associates
Dallas, Texas, United States

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"Dr. Jean Ann Larson has captured the critical criteria essential to create and sustain total organization transformation by integrating the two strategic pillars of process and people. Jean Ann is a master and thought leader in organizational transformation based on her many years of practical knowledge and experience of transitioning organizations as an internal and external change catalyst. In Organizational and Process Reengineering Approaches for Health Care Transformation, Jean Ann captures the keys to total success based on her unique and valuable insights along with her strategic and holistic perspectives to total health care transformation."
—Imelda K. Butler, Managing Director of Century Management and Co-founder of the Odyssey Consulting Institute, Dublin, Ireland

"This book reminds me of a few organizations I’ve consulted with where administrators only paid lip service to being for change. Their main objective was to protect their job by keeping groups happy regardless of the cost. The groups could be the medical staff, the nurses, or big donors. Too often I have presented significant savings opportunities or have seen other consultants do so and have the recommendations accepted but never implemented. I often have felt like the person who throws a rock in a pond making a big splash but then only seeing the circles widen and vanish. We need executives who are leaders and not simply managers. Dr. Larson’s book addresses how organizations can make sure that they have the winning ingredients for change."
—John L. Templin, Jr., LFHIMSS, FACHE, FAAHC, DSHS, President, Templin Management Associates, Greenfield Center, New York, USA

"It's been said, ‘Education that doesn't change behavior is a waste’. I believe the same goes with process and organizational change. Jean Ann Larson is one of the few professionals I know who can convert research and experience around large scale change and methodically make it understandable to those needing to apply it."
—Duke Rohe, Quality Improvement Education Consultant, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA

"Dr. Jean Ann Larson has developed an invaluable technique that integrates process re-engineering and change management functions derived from her years of experience in the health care provider industry. This novel technique will assist health care organizations to successfully transcend the implementation of new clinical and financial processes that will be required to address fee for value business models. This book will become an invaluable tool for health care executives as they address the pain points of moving from fee for service to fee for value."
—Michael W. Davis, Principal, Mountain Summits Advisors LLC, Denver, Colorado, USA

"Health systems are some of the most complex organizations in business. While most health care transformation books are conceptual rehashing of the same problems that have plagued this industry for decades, Ms. Larson’s book offers a refreshingly practical roadmap with real solutions that any health care organization should find beneficial."
—Ivo Nelson, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Next Wave Health

"Dr. Larson has taken an all-inclusive approach that underscores the integration necessary to provide high quality health care. She has taken 25 years of extensive experience in the health care field and provided practical solutions to a rapidly changing landscape. Dr. Larson’s approach transcends borders and is a must-read for those who consider themselves change agents in the health care industry."
—Rudy Gheysen, BA, Dip.PM, CMM III PE, OCC, President, Senior Consultant Asymmetric Consulting, Ontario, Canada

Modern health care organizations find themselves in a tremendously precarious and challenging position to continually do more with less without compromising quality and patient satisfaction. Solutions to process change are often times complex and far from easy. Dr. Larson has created a brilliant approach to organizational transformation through her unique combination of approaches to process improvement coupled with her vast experience in the industry. This book is the only resource you will need to charge forward with courage and confidence to move your organization to unbridled success."
—Val Gokenbach, DM, RN, MBA, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Detroit, Michigan, USA

"U.S. health care is beyond simply picking the 'low hanging fruit' of siloed process improvement initiatives. True transformational change is a product of highly effective communication, collaboration, trust and a clear vision of the desired future state. Jean Ann cleverly aligns the best tools and techniques together that drive reliable, sustainable change to our modern health care organizations."
—Rudy Santacroce, PE, Vice President, Operational Excellence, RTKL and Associates, Dallas, Texas, USA

My students are taught that designing and introducing the best processes and systems in the world are doomed to fail without championing organizational transformation that requires the understanding, appreciation, and buy-in for change by stakeholders. Therefore, I commend Jean Ann Larson for developing this book that emphasizes the coupling of health systems engineering and process improvement tools and techniques with effective change management to achieve successful cultural transformation and high performing and innovative health care organizations."
—Barry T. Ross, LFHIMSS, DSHS, Life Member-IIE, Adjunct Faculty, Health Policy and Management Department, Graduate School of Public Health and Field Faculty, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

"I highly recommend that anyone who is a leader read Dr. Larson’s insights regarding the importance of process improvement and culture in change management and quality improvement. Her command of both process and structure to support outcomes is superb. In addition, she possesses vast knowledge and understanding of human behavior and its relationship to process improvement required to achieve performance excellence.
—Gene Michalski, President and Chief Executive Officer, Beaumont Health, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

"If any industry is in need of transformation, it's health care. And, the perfect professional to lead this charge is Dr. Jean Ann Larson. Jean Ann's education as an engineer coupled with her vast experience as a senior leader in large health care organizations confirm her as the expert to document this practical approach on how to implement change in your health care organization. Organizational and Process Reengineering an Approach to Health Care Transformation is an exciting read, full of hope and how-to's for leaders who really want to take themselves and their organizations to the next level."
—Elizabeth Jeffries, RN, CSP, CPAE, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author of The Heart of Leadership: How to Inspire, Encourage and Motivate People to Follow You

"Transformational leaders have a true desire to seed the organization with smaller wins that will energize the journey of change. Organizational and Process Reengineering an Approach to Health Care Transformation helped my leaders determine the most advantageous way to delve into our challenging proven tactics to age old problems without rocket science!"
—Bennetta B. Raby, Health Care Executive and Transformational Consultant