1st Edition

Organizing Educational Broadcasting

By David Hawkridge, John Robinson Copyright 1982

    First published in 1982, Organizing Educational Broadcasting provides advice and guidance in organizational and managerial skills for those responsible for the operation of educational broadcasting systems. It is principally designed for those who actually work within educational radio and television systems. They are the people who perhaps stand to gain most by reading about international case studies. In addition, high-level decision-makers, planners and others who are concerned with conceptualizing, planning and implementing new systems, or more likely, modifying old ones, will find much to interest them.

    List of Figures List of Tables Preface Abbreviations Plan of the Book 1. Context of Educational Radio and Television 2. Forms of Governance and Degrees of Autonomy 3. Methods of Reviewing Objectives 4. Production and Distribution 5. Utilization 6. Evaluation of Effects 7. Finance 8. Africa: The Ivory Coast Educational Television Project 9. Africa: Educational Broadcasting in Mauritius 10. Asia: School Broadcasting by the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation 11. Asia: The Republic of Korea’s Experience with Educational Broadcasting 12. Asia: The Satellite Instructional Television Experiment in India 13. Europe: Broadcasting for Continuing Education by the British Broadcasting Corporation 14. Europe: Sweden’s Educational Broadcasting Company 15. North America: Children’s Television Workshop in the United States 16. North America: The Ontario Educational Communications Authority in Canada 17. Central America: The Mexican Directorate of Audio-visual Education 18. Central America: Radio Mathematics in Nicaragua 19. South America: Brazil’s Educational Television Foundation in the State of Maranhao 20. Since 1967: The Original Case Studies Reviewed Index


    David Hawkridge and John Robinson