1st Edition

Orthographies and Reading
Perspectives from Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Linguistics

Edited By

Leslie Henderson

ISBN 9781138092488
Published November 14, 2019 by Routledge
154 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1984, the previous two decades had seen a rebirth of psychological interest in the process of reading. Attention had increasingly been directed to aspects of fluent reading, such as eye-movement control or contextual effects within the sentence, to a great extent progress had depended on refinement of the experimental analysis of factors that govern the processing of isolated words. This seemingly narrow concern with word recognition turned out to raise a rich collection of questions about the reader’s access to phonology and meaning. In this volume these questions are pursued across the range of orthographic systems which written languages exhibit.

Table of Contents

Introduction.  1. Writing Systems and Reading Processes L. Henderson  2. Lexical Access in Japanese J. Morton and S. Sasanuma  3. Can Surface Dyslexia Occur in Japanese? S. Sasanuma  4. Arbitrariness and Double Articulation in Writing F. Coulmas  5. Writing Systems and Reading Disorders M. Coltheart  6. The Serbo-Croatian Orthography Constrains the Reader to a Phonologically Analytic Strategy M.T. Turvey, L.B. Feldman and G. Lukatela  7. Reading Hebrew: How Necessary is the Graphemic Representation of Vowels? D. Navon and J. Shimron  8. The Representation of Internal Word Structure in English P.T. Smith, T. Meredith, H.M. Pattison and C. Sterling  9. Wholisitic Reading of Alphabetic Print: Evidence from the FDM and the FBI D. Besner, E. Davelaar, D. Alcott and P. Parry.  Author Index.  Subject Index.  Language Index.

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