1st Edition

Outlines of Classical Literature For Students of English

By H.J. Rose Copyright 1959

    First published in 1959, Outlines of Classical Literature is a guide for students of English literature who too often come to this difficult and complex subject with little or no knowledge of one of its principal sources. It therefore does not attempt to give a complete account of the Greek and Roman writers, but tries instead to deal with those whose influences, direct or indirect, can be clearly traced in medieval and later authors. The ancients are taken in their chronological order, though this is not necessarily the order in which they became known to, or influenced the Christian World; but to follow the latter would be too confusing. The book should be of interest to the undergraduate, the general reader and to the literary critic desirous of displaying classical erudition.

    Preface Introduction 1. Homer, Epic and the Troy-Saga 2. Elegiac, Iambic and the Lyric Poetry 3. Attic Drama 4. The Development of Prose 5. The Alexandrian and Roman Periods 6. The Golden Age of Rome 7. The Silver Age and After 8. The Silver Age and After Bibliography Index


    H. J. Rose