Oxidoreduction at the Plasma Membranerelation to Growth and Transport, Volume II  book cover
1st Edition

Oxidoreduction at the Plasma Membranerelation to Growth and Transport, Volume II

ISBN 9780849369384
Published April 15, 1991 by CRC Press
264 Pages

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Book Description

The concept of general oxidoreductase function at the plasma level is new. Oxidoreduction at the Plasma Membrane: Relation to Growth and Transport provides the first truly comprehensive coverage of the oxidoreduction reactions in plasma membranes and the role that can now be attributed to these enzymes in controlling growth and other cell functions in plants and animals. The book describes the nature and orientation of oxidoreductases in plasma membranes; the stimulation of cell growth by oxidants reacting with transplasma membrane electron transport; changes in enzymes in tumor cells; and the basis of the growth effects and oxidoreductase stimulation of membrane transport in relation to known second messenger functions, such as cellular pH changes, calcium transport, protein phosphorylation and oxidation levels of pyridine nucleotides. The book then examines the significance of these enzymes in cell culture, tumor growth, nerve transmission, ion transport, and membrane potential. The book also presents a new approach to understanding the action of antitumor drugs and herbicides. Biochemists, biologists, oncologists, cancer researchers, physiologists, and endocrinologists will find this an indispensible reference source as they conduct studies in this exciting new area.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Early Days of Oxidoreduction and Transport Hypothesis in Plants (R.N. Robertson). The Oxidoreductase Enzymes in Plant Plasma Membranes (Frederick L. Crane, D. James Morré, Hans E. Löw, and M. Böttger). Electron Transport Constituents in the Plant Plasma Membrane (Ian M. Møller, Per Askerlund, and Susanne Widell). Pyridine Nucleotide-Dependent Reductases of the Plant Plasma Membrane (Thomas J. Buckhout and Douglas G. Luster). NADH Oxidase of the Plasma Membrane of Plants (A.O. Brightman and D. James Morré). Ascorbate Free Radical (Semidehydro-) Reductase of Plant Plasma Membrane (Plácido Navas). Peroxidases of Plant Plasma Membranes, Apoplastic Ascorbate, and Relation of Redox Activities to Plant Pathology (Claude Penel and Federico J. Castillo). Electrical Effects of the Plasma Membrane Bound Reductase on Cell Membrane Potential (H.B.A. Prins and J.T.M. Elzenga). Proton Release and Plasmalemma Redox in Plants (Bernard Rubenstein and Arthur I. Stern). Do Plasmalemma Reductases Play a Role in Plant Mineral Ion Transport? (Leon V. Kochian and William J. Lucas). Physiological Aspects of Transplasma Membrane Electron Transport in Roots and Cultured Carrot Cells (M. Böttger, Frederick L. Crane, and Rita Barr). Modulation of Plasma Membrane Redox Reactions in Plant Cells (Rita Barr and Frederick L. Crane). Index.

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