1st Edition

Pakistani Entrepreneurs Their Development, Characteristics and Attitudes

By Zafar Altaf Copyright 1983

    First Published in 1983 Pakistani Entrepreneurs covers the role of the entrepreneur within Pakistan. His origins, religious and educational background, and family play a more important part in the development of the Pakistani entrepreneur than is the case with his western counterpart. In particular, the influence of caste was considered in the context of attitudes towards bargaining and credit, knowledge of and information on markets and raw materials. This is a systematic and probing study of efforts at Industrialisation in Pakistan, and of the way entrepreneurs have risen to the challenges of its offers.

    This book will be of interest to scholars and researchers of Pakistani economics, South Asian economics, and business economics.

    List of Tables List of Figures Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The Pakistan Economy 2. Industrialisation: Imperatives and Contradictions 3. The Concept of Entrepreneurship 4. The Origins and Occupations of Entrepreneurs 5. The Development of an Entrepreneur Conclusions Bibliography Index


    Zafar Altaf