Papers and Correspondence of Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth : Part I: The French Revolutionary War, 1793 – 1802 book cover
1st Edition

Papers and Correspondence of Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth
Part I: The French Revolutionary War, 1793 – 1802

Edited By

John D. Grainger

ISBN 9781032271309
Published August 17, 2022 by Routledge
594 Pages

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Book Description

Sir John Duckworth commanded ships and squadrons and fleets throughout the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. He was an assiduous correspondent, writing to Admirals St Vincent, Nelson, Collingwood, and numerous other naval officers. He kept every piece of paper he wrote on or received.

He was in the first expedition to the West Indies when he went on a mission to the United States to suppress a French privateer. He commanded a ship in First of June fight in 1794, and was peripherally involved in the great naval mutinies of 1797. He was picked out by Lord St Vincent to command the recovery of Minorca in 1798.

He returned to the West Indies in 1799 where he was commander-in-chief in the Leeward Islands, and then at Jamaica. There he was much involved in the Revolutionary war in Haiti, eventually receiving several thousands of French refugees and sending them on to France.

A spell with the Channel fleet was succeeded by time at the blockade of Gibraltar. Against orders, he chased a French squadron across the Atlantic and destroyed it (Battle of San Domingo 1796). One of his more curious adventures was a diplomatic mission to the Constantinople to browbeat the Ottoman Sultan into making peace with Russia in 1807. He failed, of course, and was criticised for not bombarding the city. He served out his time afloat with the Channel fleet, displaying his usual humanity. A three-year appointment as governor of Newfoundland completed his career.

Table of Contents


Part I: Spithead, Leeward Islands, Virginia, 1793

Part II: The English Channel, First of June Fight, 1793–1795

Part III: Jamaica, 1795–1797

Part IV: Mutiny, Blockade of Brest, Ireland, 1797–1798

Part V: Mediterranean, Minorca, Cadiz Blockade, 1798–1800

Part VI: Leeward Islands, 1800–1801

Part VII: Jamaica, 1801–1802

Appendix: Observations of Trade with St Domingue

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John D. Grainger is an independent historian, having published about fifty or so books, many on ancient history, but including a quartet on the British Navy in the Baltic, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Eastern Waters, and a Dictionary of British Naval Battles. He has contributed two collections of documents to the Navy Records Society.