1st Edition

Parasitic Weeds In Agriculture Volume 1: Striga

Edited By Lytton J. Musselman Copyright 1987
    317 Pages
    by CRC Press

    First published in 1987: The author’s objectives were twofold. First to provide a review of current research in both basic and applied areas and second, to provide a review of current research in both basic and applied areas and second to produce a ‘how to’ book for Striga researchers.

    Taxonomy and Ecology

    1. Taxonomy of Witchweeds

    Lytton J. Musselman

    2. Host Specificity in Striga spp. and Physiological "Strains"

    M.J. Vasudeva Rao and Lytton J. Musselman

    3. Environmental Factors Affecting Witchweed Growth and Development

    David T. Patterson

    Germination and Physiology

    4. Germination of Witchweed Seeds

    A.D. Worsham

    5. Developmental Studies on Witchweed Seeds

    S.N.C. Okonkwo

    6. Physiological Biochemistry of Striga

    George R. Stewart

    The Haustorium

    7. The Haustorium

    Johann H. Visser and Inge Dorr

    8. Morphogenesis of the Early Development of Primary Haustoria in Striga asiatica

    J.L. Riopel and William V. Baird

    9. Evolution of Parasitic Plants: Are Haustoria Modified Tumors?

    Peter R. Atsatt

    Control and Eradication

    10. Striga Control Under Peasant Farming Conditions

    James E.A. Ogborn

    11. Cultural Practices in Witchweed Management

    Faiz F. Bebawi

    12. Chemical Control of Striga

    Robert E. Eplee and Rebecca S. Norris

    13. The Potential for Biocontrol of Witchweeds

    Magzoub O. Bashir

    14. The American Witchweed Quarantine and Eradication Program

    Paul F. Sand

    Resistance Bleeding

    15. Breeding Cereal Grains for Resistance to Witchweed

    K.V. Ramaiah

    16. Breeding Cowpeas for Striga Resistance

    A. Tunde Obilana


    17. Research Techniques – Laboratory

    S.N.C. Okonkwo

    18. Field Research Techniques

    Robert E. Eplee and Rebecca Norris

    19. Techniques for Screening Sorghums for Resistance to Striga

    M.J. Vasudeva Rao


    Lytton J. Musselman is a Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia.