1st Edition

Parliament as an Export

Edited By Sir Alan Burns Copyright 1966

    Parliament as an Export (1966) deals with the adoption of overseas countries and particularly the Commonwealth countries of the British Parliamentary system. These countries examined are the original British colonies, the Dominions, the Indian sub-continent and the newer colonial territories.

    1. The History of Commonwealth Parliaments Sir Alan Burns  2. The Drafting of Laws Sir Cecil Carr  3. Procedural Links between Commonwealth Parliaments C.A.S.S. Gordon  4. The Position of Members of Parliament Sir John Craik Henderson  5. The Party System Ivor Bulmer-Thomas  6. Parliament, the Executive and the Civil Service Sir John Fletcher-Cooke  7. The Second Chamber in Parliaments of the Commonwealth Sir Francis Lascelles  8. The Possibilities of the Presidential System in Africa Professor Sir Denis Brogan  9. Legislatures under Written Constitutions Professor S.A. de Smith  10. Parliaments and the Courts Professor E.C.S. Wade  11. Parliaments in Small Territories Sir Hilary Blood


    Sir Alan Burns