1st Edition

Passion and Purpose in the Humanities Exploring the Worlds of Early Career Researchers

    288 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    288 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book takes readers on a journey into the experiences, struggles and triumphs of early career researchers in the humanities.

    In the spirit of guiding emerging scholars and researchers in higher education, the edited volume highlights lived experiences of researchers and ways to navigate the struggles and values of research in the humanities. Featuring twenty unique essays by emergent scholars who weave their personal lives into their research passions, this book offers a window into the experience of researchers in both professional and personal developments. The chapters are accompanied by letters of encouragement and advice from senior researchers who reflect on the role that research has played in their lives. Each chapter further engages with the literature relevant to the topic, firmly grounding the work in the academic field. The book also includes a section on how to use the book, providing prompts for discussion and reflection that encourage self-guided exploration and collaborative reading.

    Providing inspiration and deep insight, this book is a unique resource for postgraduate students, advanced degree and early career researchers, as well as their supervisors, in the humanities and beyond.


    Sanna Barrineau

    Introduction: Passion and Purpose in the Humanities: a story of emergence

    Marcus Bussey           

    1. Spinning a web of regenerative leadership          

    Kimberly Camrass     

    Letter 1: Passion, Purpose and Patience        

    Kathleen Kesson

    2. The intention and reflection of a passionate journey through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)  

    Phyllis Araneo

    3. Curating an Academic Life with Good Vibes and Gongs

    Stacey Bliss

    Letter 2: A Holding Back, A Keeping Clear 

    David Jardine

    4. Laying Down a Path in Playing   

    Elise L. Chu   

    Letter 3: Philosophy found me!         

    Asha Mukherjee         

    5. Australian Critical Indigenous Studies    

    Justine Grogan          

    Letter 4: A short letter to ECRs on how to approach a career as a researcher in Archaeology

    Peter Veth      

    6. How I became an academic storyteller    

    Sara Holmgren          

    Letter 5: The Invitation of Curiosity  

    Marcus Bussey           

    7. Lingering Images: Future-Historical Narratives and Creative Potency  

    Grécia Falcão

    Letter 6: Teaching is Space Exploration        

    Erick Felinto  

    8. "When enough is enough!" – An autoethnography of a Black Migrant Woman's journey to academia

    Kate Jonathan

    Letter 7: Love the Unknown 

    Celeste Nazeli Snowber         

    9. Tributaries

    Marguerite Westacott 

    Letter 8: Be Daring!   

    Doris Rusch   

    10. Financialization of Higher Education in Brazil 

    Marcelo Mocarzel      

    11. From tree to rhizome: The story of wandering roots     

    Jundan Jasmine Zhang          

    Letter 9: To Researchers at the End of One World   

    Débora Nunes

    12. My Neohumanist Calling           

    Sunandita Bhowmik   

    13. A Journey of Curiosity, Discovery and Creativity        

    Athena Lathouras       

    Letter 10: To the luckiest people in the world.         

    Patrick Nunn  

    14. Social Media Maven      

    Karen Sutherland       

    Letter 11: Research as Co-Realization

    Ananta Kumar Giri    

    15. My Auto-ethnographical story: Academic life in an Australian masculine culture as a female migrant from a feminine culture

    José W.I.M. van den Akker    

    Letter 12: Finding your field 

    C. Nadia Seremetakis 

    16. Who knew that I, of all people, could be an academic, and even do well at it?

    Alex Russell

    Letter 13: Working with Uncertainty

    Michael Wilson          

    17. Cautionary tales for rising stars – It is a big constellation out there!    

    Aaron Tham   

    Letter 14: Information Moves in an Ecology

    Nora Bateson 

    18. Rising Ideas with Heart 

    Camila Mozzini-Alister           

    19. Disruption, art and sound research         

    Ramona Rodríguez-López      

    Letter 15: Take a breath!       

    Keri Facer      

    20. Growing a Research Family (An Interview)     

    Julia Bentz and Marcus Bussey        


    Samantha Willcocks   


    Marcus Bussey is a Senior Lecturer in History and Futures, School of Law and Society, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

    Camila Mozzini-Alister is a Lecturer in Sociology, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

    Bingxin Wang is an independent scholar working in both China and Australia.

    Samantha Willcocks is an independent researcher based in Australia.