1st Edition

Pastoral Care to Muslims Building Bridges

By Neville A. Kirkwood Copyright 2002
    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    Fulfill Christ's injunction in Matthew 25!

    Pastoral Care to Muslims: Building Bridges recognizes that more and more often pastoral care workers are encountering Muslims in hospitals. This is the guidebook you need to provide the spiritual support these patients are able to accept--support that doesn't conflict with their religious affiliations.

    The first section of Pastoral Care to Muslims provides an outline of the major beliefs of Islam, chiefly those that relate to illness and dying. The Koran is freely quoted to support these beliefs and practices. The second section of the book delivers a set of guidelines for the practice of pastoral care to hospitalized Muslims. These guidelines have been field tested with positive results. The book's two appendixes supply you with samples of the kinds of prayers that are acceptable to Muslims.

    In this valuable book you'll find:

    • background information about the Muslim faith
    • quotations from the Koran that you can use in your practice
    • what you need to understand about the Muslim view of sickness, death, and dying
    Plus explanations of terms and concepts found in Islam, including:
    • the Islamic Creed
    • Tawhid (the concept of the unity of God)
    • Gehenna (Hell)
    • the Five Pillars of Islam
    Pastoral Care to Muslims: Building Bridges will help you do just that: build bridges between Christians and Muslims. It will supply you with material you can use to minister to Muslims without the fear of offending them and give you the confidence you need to deliver effective pastoral care to this growing segment of the population.

    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • Section I. The Muslim Mind
    • Chapter 1. Why Muslims?
    • Chapter 2. Muslims and God
    • The Islamic Creed
    • “What Is God Like”
    • Tahweed--The Unity of God
    • Unity versus Trinity
    • Taqwa--God Consciousness
    • The Rights of God
    • Chapter 3. Fear and Hope
    • Chapter 4. Determinism and Free Will
    • Chapter 5. Iblis, Angels, and Jinn
    • Iblis (Satan)
    • Angels
    • Jinn
    • Chapter 6. Death and the Grave
    • Chapter 7. Awaiting the Hour of Doom
    • Chapter 8. The Day of Resurrection
    • Weighed in the Balances
    • The Bridge
    • The Life Beyond
    • Women and Children in the Afterlife
    • Postdeath Experience
    • Chapter 9. The Place of Prayer
    • Salat--Formal/Liturgical Prayers
    • Shafa'a--Intercession for the Dead
    • Du'a--Intercession for the Living
    • Chapter 10. Sunnis and Shia's
    • Section II. The Practice of Care
    • Chapter 11. What is Pastoral Care?
    • Chapter 12. Imperatives for Muslim Care
    • Chapter 13. Beside the Patient
    • Acceptance
    • Availability
    • Greeting
    • Initiating Conversation
    • Conversations Involving Religion
    • Listening
    • Prayer
    • Visiting the Home
    • Accepting the Challenge
    • Appendix 1. Shafa'a--Prayer for the Dead
    • Appendix 2. Bedside Prayers
    • Du'a--Intercession for the Living
    • Sabr--Prayer for Patience
    • Bedside Prayer for the Dying
    • Notes
    • Glossary
    • Bibliography
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Neville A. Kirkwood