1st Edition

Paul Tillich and Sino-Christian Theology

Edited By Keith Ka-fu Chan Copyright 2023

    With contributors from different generations of the Chinese-speaking world, the book addresses the relevance of Paul Tillich’s thought in the Chinese cultural-political contexts.

    Appropriating and transforming different themes of Tillich’s thought in the Chinese context, the contributors reframe the dialogue with Buddhism and Confucianism, religion and science, and religion and politics under the interpretation of Tillich’s ideas. The thought-provoking essays examine the intellectual potentiality or further contribution of Paul Tillich’s ideas in Sino-Christian Theology.

    The book will be of interest to scholars and postgraduate students studying Paul Tillich’s thought, Chinese theology, and East-West religious dialogues.

    1. Being and Non-Being: Paul Tillich, Buddhist–Christian Dialogue, and Sino-Christian Theology
    2. Lai Pan-chiu

    3. Confucianism as Religion in Tillichian Perspective
    4. Lao Jiayi

    5. Correlating Tillich’s Legacy with the Political-Existential Situation of Present-Day China
    6. Ben Siu-Pun Ho

    7. Demonic and Frontier: Paul Tillich on nationalism and its significance on national identity construction in Contemporary China
    8. Honglin Tang

    9. St. Thomas Aquinas and Paul Tillich on Fortitudo (Courage): With Special Reference to the Virtue of Vīrya in Buddhism
    10. Tao Anthony WANG

    11. T. C. Chao and Tillich: Paul Tillich’s Spiritual Journey in China
    12. YANG Junjie

    13. The Theological Controversy between Paul Tillich and Karl Barth in 1923: A Historical and Interpretative Reconstruction
    14. Thomas Xutong Qu

    15. Tillich’s and Confucian Understanding of Person in Dialogue: An Emergentist Perspective
    16. KUNG, Wai-han

    17. An Examination of Tillich’s and Confucian anthropocosmic understanding: An Ecological Perspective

              Keith, CHAN Ka-fu


    Keith Ka-fu Chan is currently a Professor at the Center for Judaic and Inter-religious Studies, Shandong University. His research interests include: modern Christian theology, philosophy of religion, religion and environmental ethics, political theology, and Paul Tillich studies.