Peace Culture And Society : Transnational Research And Dialogue book cover
1st Edition

Peace Culture And Society
Transnational Research And Dialogue

ISBN 9780367282486
Published September 13, 2019 by Routledge
308 Pages

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Book Description

"1989 certainly represents one of those moments. yet, when IPRA held its 12th General Conference in August 1988, few of the participants imagined that within the space of 13 months popular social movements would topple socialist regimes in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the German Democratic Republic.Nobody imagined the Berlin wall or the wire fence between Hungary and Austria being dismantled. Even fewer contemplated the overthrow of the Ceaucescu regime in Rumania, pluralistic politics in Bulgaria, a single German economy or a reunited Germany."

Table of Contents

Preface /Kevin Clement -- Acknowledgments -- INTRODUCTION -- 1. Introduction to the Book, Elise Boulding -- 2. A Challenge from Latin America./Adolfo Perez Esquivel -- PART ONE Common Security: General and Regional Approaches--Introduction to Part One, Elise Boulding -- 3. The Path to Common Security /Peri Pamir -- 4. The European Experience and its Meaning for Central America /Lothar Brock -- 5. Zone of Peace or U.S. Strategic Primacy? The Politics of Security in the Caribbean /Dion E. Phillips -- 6. Peace Initiatives in Africa: Prospects and Realities /Peter Bushel Okoh -- 7.Common Security: Three Conflicts in the Middle East -- Sanaa Osseiran -- 8.Common Security in the Asia-Pacific Region /Kevin Clement -- 9.Stable Peace Among Nations: A Learning Process /Kenneth E.Boulding -- PART TWO Cultures Peace: From Violence to Nonviolence -- Introduction to Part Two, Elise Boulding -- 10.Ten Bases for a Culture of Peace /Vicenc Fisas Armengol -- 11.Prom Violent to Nonviolent Discourse /Chaiwat Satha-Anand -- 12.The Earth as Peace Teacher /Patricia M.Mische. -- 13. Conflict and Values: A Study of Grassroots Conflicts in India. /Ranjit Chaudhuri -- 14. Citizenship and Rural Social Conflicts in Brazil /Alfredo Wagner Berno de Almeida -- 15. The Role of Social Conditioning in Male Violence -- Ian M. Harris -- PART THREE Cultures of Peace: Voices from the Periphery Introduction to Part Three /Elise Boulding -- 16. Human and Peoples’ Rights in the Banjul Charter /Amechi Uchegbu -- 17. Development Through the Eyes of a Quid /Georg Sorensen -- 18. Underdevelopment and the Oppression of Women: A Feminist Perspective, Birgit Brock-Utne -- 19. Women Under Dictatorship and Military Regime: The Case of Chile /Maria Elena Valenzuela -- PART FOUR The Agents of Peace Cultures -- introduction to Part Four, Elise Boulding -- 20. Creating Global Visions for Peace Movements /Chadwick F. Alger -- 21. A Paradigm for the New Peace Movements in Western Europe, Katsuya Kodama -- 22. Mass Communicators for Peace: Another Way /Kusum Singh -- 23. Research Network on the Churches’ Role in Peace and Development Project Outline /Roger Williamson -- Appendix on the International Peace Research Association -- About the Editors and ConbIbutors.

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Elise Boulding, current Secretary General of IPRA, is Professor Emerita of Sociology, Dartmouth College. A futurist, she writes on local-global peace-building, development, family life and women. A founding member of IPRA, she served on the Commission to recommend the establishment of the U.S. Institute of Peace, has been a member of the UN University Council (1980–85) and served on the UNESCO Peace Prize jury (1982–87). Clovis Brigagao, a political scientist, is currently Chief of Cabinet of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro. He was Secretary General of IPRA during 1986–88, and is also a research associate at the University of Brasilia and on the Advisory Board of the Commission Sudamericana de Paz, Santiago. He has written in the fields of international relations, peace studies and ecology, and is the founder of IPRA’s Study Group on Ecological Security. Kevin Clements is Senior Lecturer in sociology, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. He writes on development, defense and security issues, and the problems of multilateral disarmament. He is the new Secretary General of the Asian Peace Research Association as of fall, 1990, and will be one of the organizers of the second Pugwash Symposium on Peace and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region in 1991.