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    Famous Brazilian educational and social theorist Paulo Freire presents his ideas on the importance of community solidarity in moving toward social justice in schools and society. In a set of talks and interviews shortly before his death, Freire addresses issues not often highlighted in his work, such as globalization, post-modern fatalism, and the qualities of educators for the 21st century. His illuminating comments are supplemented with commentaries by other well-known scholars, such as Ana Maria Araujo Freire, Walter de Oliveira, Norman Denzin, Henry Giroux, and Donaldo Macedo.

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Pedagogy of Solidarity, Walter Ferreirade Oliveira; Chapter 2 Pedagogy of Solidarity, PauloFreire; Chapter 3 A Dialogue: Pedagogy of Solidarity; Chapter 4 For a Pedagogy of Solidarity, Walter Ferreirade Oliveira; Chapter 5 Testimony of Difference and the Right to Discuss Difference, Ana MariaAraujo Freire; Chapter 6 The Importance of Pedagogy of Solidarity, Norman K.Denzin; Afterword, DonaldoMacedo;


    Paulo Freire Patron of Brazilian Education