People's Republic of China, Volumes I and II : I: Natural Resources, Population and Social Life; II: Policies and Implications of Structural Reform book cover
1st Edition

People's Republic of China, Volumes I and II
I: Natural Resources, Population and Social Life; II: Policies and Implications of Structural Reform

Edited By

Frank N. Pieke

ISBN 9781138721166
Published December 21, 2020 by Routledge

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Book Description

This title was first published in 2002. This two volume set collects in a conveniently accessible form the most influential articles by leading authorities in the study of China. It provides an international reference work, combined with an authoritative introduction by the editor.

Table of Contents

Contents: Volume I: Natural Resources, Population and Social Life: Natural Resources, Pollution and The Environment: Anthropogenic factors in land-use change in China, Gerhard K. Heilig; China's energy and resource uses: continuity and change, Vaclav Smil; Industrial pollution in China and remedial policies, Eduard B. Vermeer. China's Population: Growth and Control: Malthusian models and Chinese realities: the Chinese demographic system 1700-2000, James Lee and Wang Feng; Controlling births and bodies in village China, Susan Greenhalgh; Infant abandonment and adoption in China, Kay Johnson, Huang Banghan and Wang Liyao. Marriage and Social Relations: Dynamics of marriage change in Chinese rural society in transition: a study of a Northern Chinese village, Weiguo Zhang; Marriage quality: measurement and determinants, Xu Anqi and Ye Wenzhen; The culture of guanxi in a North China village, Yunxiang Yan; The institutional process of market clientelism: guanxi and private business in a South China city, David L. Wank. The Rural-Urban Divide, Urbanization, Mobility and Ethnic Plurality: The hukou system and rural-urban migration in China: processes and changes, Kam Wing Chan and Li Zhang; Desakotas and beyond: urbanization in Southern China, Gregory Eliyu Guldin; Native place, migration and the emergence of peasant enclaves in Beijing, Lawrence J.C. Ma and Biao Xiang; Being Chinese: the peripheralization of traditional identity, Myron L. Cohen; The call of Mao or money? Han Chinese settlers on China's South-western borders, Mette Halskov Hansen. Education and Health Care: The 'marketization' of Chinese higher education: a critical assessment, Yin Qiping and Gordon White (1994); Economic reform and attainment in basic education in China, Tsui Kai-yuen; The Chinese health care system: lessons for other nations, William C.L. Hsaio; From 'barefoot doctor' to 'village doctor' in Tiger Springs village: a case study of rural health care transformations in socialist China, Sydney D. White; Women's health status and gender inequality in China, Mei-yu Yu and Rosemary Sarri; Name index. Volume II: Policies and Implications of Structural Reform: Market Reform: Policies and Practice: China's economic growth in an international context, Nicholas R. Lardy; Redefining state, plan and market: China's reforms in agricultural commerce, Terry Sicular; Enterprise bankruptcies and the restructuring of China's state-owned sector: a review of some recent problems and prospects for future success, Russell Smyth. Market Reform: Structural Implications: Income and inequality in China: composition, distribution and growth of household income 1988-1995, Azizur Rahman Khan and Carl Riskin; From organized dependence to disorganized despotism: changing labour regimes in Chinese factories, Ching Kwan Lee; The reform of social welfare in China, Mark Selden and Laiyin You; The Communist legacy in post-Mao economic growth, Lance L.P. Gore. Political and Legal reform: Policies and Practice: Jiang Zemin's successor: the rise of the 4th generation of leaders in the PRC, Li Cheng; Reforming China's cadre management system: 2 views of a civil service, Lam Tao-chiu and Hon S. Chan; The Chinese legal system: continuing commitment to the primacy of state power, Pitman B. Potter; Chinese civic associations: an empirical analysis, Minxin Pei. Political and Legal reform: Protest, Resistance and Deviance: Institutional amphibiousness and the transition from Communism: the case of China, X.L. Ding; Chinese intellectuals' quest for national greatness and nationalistic writing in the 1990s, Suisheng Zhao; Acting out democracy: political theater in modern China, Joseph W. Esherick and Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom; Villagers and popular resistance in China, Lianjiang Li and Kevin J. O'Brien. Culture, Consumerism and Lifestyle: Recycling tradition: culture, history and political economy in the chrysanthemum festivals in South China, Helen F. Siu; Body, discourse and the cultural politics of contemporary Chinese qigong, Jian Xu; Prostitutes, prostitution and STD/HIV transmission in mainland China, Vincent E. Gil, Marco S. Wang, Allen F. Anderson, Guo Matthew Lin and Zongjian Oliver Wu; Eating Chinese medicine, Judith Farquhar; Name index.

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’These two volumes provide an excellent selection of some of the most interesting papers that have been written on the vast social and political shifts China is undergoing. The papers are not only informative but very often insightful and conceptually stimulating.’