1st Edition

Performing Arts Center Management

Edited By Patricia Lambert, Robyn Williams Copyright 2017
    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    Performing arts centers (PACs) are an integral part of the cultural and creative industries, significantly influencing the cultural, social, and economic vitality of communities around the world. Virtually all PACs are community-based and serve the public interest, whether structured as a public, nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid entity. However, there is a lack of knowledge about the important community role of performing arts centers, especially those that mainly host and present work produced by other arts organizations. This gap is startling, given the ubiquitous presence of PACs in urban centers, small communities, as well as colleges and universities.

    This co-edited reference book provides valuable information at the intersection of theory and practice in the professional field of executive leadership of performing arts centers. Drawing on the expertise of leading academics, consultants, and executives, this book focuses on institutions and practices in the United States, and is contextualized within additional fields such as cultural planning, urban revitalization, and economic development.

    Performing Arts Center Management aims to provide valuable theoretical, conceptual, empirical, and practice-based information to current and future leaders in creative and cultural industries management. It serves as a unique reference for researchers, university students, civic leaders, urban planners, public venue managers, and arts administrators aspiring to improve or advance their work in successfully managing performing arts centers.

    1. The Professionalization of Performing Arts Center Management

    Patricia Dewey Lambert and Robyn Williams

    2. The Evolution of the Performing Arts Center: What Does Success Look Like?

    Steven A. Wolff

    3. Trends in the Development and Operation of Performing Arts Centers

    Duncan M. Webb

    4. Programming the Performing Arts: Balancing Mission and Solvency

    Tony Micocci

    5. Magic of Place: An Unrecognized Revolution in Theatre Architecture

    Richard Pilbrow

    6. Building Performing Arts Centers

    Joanna Woronkowicz

    7. Ownership and Governance of Urban Performing Arts Centers

    Patricia Dewey Lambert and Robyn Williams

    8. Managing Venue Operations for a Newly-Opened PAC

    Patrick Donnelly

    9. Managing Performing Arts Centers in a University Setting

    Lawrence D. Henley

    10. Impact of the Performing Arts Center on the Local Community

    Ann Patricia Salamunovich Wilson

    11. The PAC as Intermediary: Models of Collaboration and Partnerships Among Local Performing Arts Organizations

    Gretchen D. McIntosh

    12. International Horizons in Performing Arts Center Management

    Douglas Gautier

    13. Executive Leadership for Performing Arts Centers

    Robyn Williams, Ken Harris, and Patricia Dewey Lambert

    with Paul Beard, Ted Dedee, and Adina Erwin


    Patricia Dewey Lambert is an Associate Professor of Arts Management at the University of Oregon (UO), USA where she leads the performing arts management specialization.

    Robyn Williams has worked across the United States in the public assembly facility management field for more than thirty years, and is currently Executive Director for Portland’5 Centers for the Arts in Portland, Oregon, USA.

    "This book fills a gap in the scholarship dedicated to pre- senting and hosting organizations, and as such, is a valuable tool for any person involved in the management of a PAC." -- Armen Shaomian, The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society

    "Performing Arts Center Management is a great resource. Not only does it lay out the varying management structures PACs take throughout the country, it also places them in a historical context, providing true insights into an exciting and rewarding profession." Howard Sherman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Music Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

    "Kudos to Patricia Dewey Lambert and Robyn Williams for breaking down this incredibly complex topic. No two Performing Arts Centers are the same. This book is a must-read for anyone in the industry that would like to know how these mega-operations are both funded and managed." –Mark Najarian, Venue Director, Denver Performing Arts Complex, USA

    "Patricia Dewey Lambert and Robyn Williams have finally filled a gap in the literature of Performing Arts Center (PAC) management by assembling an impressive text that draws on the diverse experience and wisdom of leaders in the field. The contributors to this text are the leading scholars, designers, consultants and executive leaders that have shaped the field of performing arts center development and management. While the focus of the text is on centers in the United States, an international perspective is included as an important context for students and practitioners. This guide effectively charts the unique history, development, programming and challenges of running Performing Arts Centers and is a much-needed tool in teaching the next generation of PAC leaders."Kevin Maifeld, Seattle University, USA

    "With an emphasis on understanding and engaging local communities, Lambert and Williams have produced an extremely comprehensive book that dramatically increases our understanding of the management of performing arts centers. Citing recent literature, important conceptual frameworks, and many excellent examples, the editors connect theory and practice to produce an invaluable resource for students and arts administrators who accept the challenge of leading these incredibly important institutions." – Richard Maloney, New York University, USA