1st Edition

Perspectives on Mental Representation
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Cognitive Processes and Capacities

ISBN 9781138698376
Published March 12, 2019 by Routledge
502 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1982, the editors felt that their field was clearly in need of explanatory accounts for many different areas. This volume presents statements of the status of research in several areas by scholars at the forefront of the discipline. It tries at the same time to juxtapose theoretical and experimental perspectives in order to display some of the major lines of tension in the field. Divided into 5 parts it covers: Theoretical Perspectives; Experimental Studies in Processing; Neuropsychological Studies in Processing; Studies in Development; followed by Commentary on some specific chapters.

Table of Contents

Preface.  Part 1: Theoretical Perspectives  1. On the Representation of Form and Function Noam Chomsky  2. On Recent Developments in the Theory of Phonology Morris Halle  3. Perceptual and Analogical Bases of Cognition Roger N. Shepard  4. A Computer Simulation Approach to Studying Mental Imagery Steven P. Schwartz and Stephen M. Kosslyn  Part 2: Experimental Studies in Processing  5. Disintegrating the Lexicon: An Information Processing Approach John Morton  6. Propositional Representations, Procedural Semantics, and Mental Models P.N. Johnson-Laird  7. Two Mechanisms of Lexical Ambiguity Joan Ryder and Edward Walker  8. The Structure and Time-Course of Information Interaction During Speech Comprehension: Lexical Segmentation, Access, and Interpretation David A. Swinney  9. Speech Comprehension Processes Lorraine Komisarjevsky Tyler and William D. Marslen-Wilson  10. A Perspective on Research in Language Production M.F. Garrett  11. Prosody and Sentence Perception in English Anne Cutler  12. On Neologisms Andre Roch Lecours  Part 3: Neuropsychological Studies in Processing  13. Cognitive-Neuroscience: Developments Toward a Science of Synthesis Michael I. Posner, Roy Pea and Bruce Volpe  14. The Two Sides of Cognition José Morais  15. Language and Brain: Some Points of Connection Edgar B. Zurif  16. On the Emergence of Cognitive Neuroscience Mary-Louise Kean and Lynn Nadel  Part 4: Studies in Development  17. A Note on the Biology of Speech Perception Michael Studdert-Kennedy  18. Speech Perception: A View of the Initial State and Perceptual Mechanisms Peter D. Eimas  19. Auditory versus Phonetic Coding of Speech Signals During Infancy Peter W. Jusczyk  20. Oriented Mouthing Activity in Neonates: Early Development of Differences Related to Feeding Experiences J. Alegria and E. Noirot  21. Visual Development: From Resolution to Perception Richard Held  22. Perceptual Knowledge of Objects in Infancy Elizabeth S. Spelke  23. On Gaps Undetectable for Language Learners François Dell  Part 5: Commentary  24. Comments on Chomsky’s Chapter, "On the Representation of Form and Function" Luigi Rizzi  25. Comments on Chomsky’s Chapter, "On the Representation of Form and Function" Richard S. Kayne  26. The Meaning of an Experiment Combining Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches Jean Requin  27. Comments on the Chapters by Shepard and Kosslyn Pierre Jacob  28. Perception and Cognitive Properties of the Initial State Eliane Vurpillot.  Author Index.  Subject Index.

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