1st Edition

Perspectives on the Environment (Volume 2) Interdisciplinary Research Network on Environment and Society

    247 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published in 1995, the essays in this book are papers presented to the second conference of the Interdisciplinary Research Network on the Environment and Society (IRNES) held in Sheffield in September 1993. It follows "Perspectives on the Environment" (ed. Holder et al, 1993, Avebury) to continue the dissemination of the work of IRNES members to a wider audience. Part I explores the social dimensions of environmental technology in the form of an examination of the construction of global climate models, a critical analysis of the discourses associated with agricultural biotechnologies and the environmental implications of building technologies. Part II explores national and international politics of the environment in Britain, the Ukraine and Burma, Thailand and Indonesia. Part III deals with planning for sustainability in Japan and Britain. Part IV examines theories of democracy and the state both nationally and in the form of the European Union's principle of subsidiary.

    Part 1: Social Dimensions of Environmental Technology  1. Mission to Model Earth, Simon Shackley  2. Agricultural Biotechnology as Clean Surgical Strike, Les Levidow  3. Threats and Defences in the Built Environment, Elizabeth Shove  Part 2: Nartional and International Politics of the Environment  1. Environmental Concern in Britain 1919 – 1949 Diversity and Continuity, Ian Coates  2. The Ukrainian Green Movement: Nationalist or Internationalist?, Ase Berit Grodeland  3. Conflict over South East Asia’s Forests: A Political Ecology Perspective, Raymond Bryant  Part 3: Planning for Sustainability  1. An Examination of Current Issues in Environmental Planning and Policy in Japan, Ali Parsa and William Penrice  2. Can we have Sustainabilty without the Recoupment of Development Value?, Bob Evans  3. An Assessment of the Potential Contribution of Green Belt Planning Towards Sustainable Urban Development – A Case Study in the West Midlands, Mark Baker  4. An Innovative Public Participation Methodology for Local Planning, Julia Meaton and Margaret Anderson  Part 4: State, Theory and Policy  1. Towards a Theory of the Green State, John Barry  2. Denicratic Theory and Environmental Protection, James Meadowcroft  3. Subsidiarity and Global Warming Policy: An Excuse for Inaction in the European Community?, Ute Collier.