6th Edition

Persuasion Social Influence and Compliance Gaining; International Student Edition

By Robert H Gass, John S Seiter Copyright 2019
    470 Pages
    by Routledge

    Now in its sixth edition, Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining continues to boast an accessible voice and vibrant aesthetic that appeals to undergraduate students of communication, psychology, advertising, and marketing. In addition to presenting established theories and models, this text encourages students to develop and apply general conclusions about persuasion in real-world settings. Along the way, students are introduced to the practice of social influence in an array of contexts (e.g., advertising, marketing, politics, interpersonal relationships, social media, groups) and across a variety of topics (e.g., credibility, personality, deception, motivational appeals, visual persuasion). The new edition features an expanded treatment of digital and social media, up-to-date research on theory and practice, and enhanced discussions of topics such as political campaigning, emotional marketing, olfactory influence, and ethics.

    Forthcoming: Instructors can also use the book’s downloadable test bank, instructor’s manual, and PowerPoint slides in preparing course material.

    Chapter 1: Why Study Persuasion?  
    Chapter 2: What Constitutes Persuasion?  
    Chapter 3: Attitudes and Consistency  
    Chapter 4: Credibility  
    Chapter 5: Communicator Characteristics and Persuasion  
    Chapter 6: Conformity and Influence in Groups 
    Chapter 7: Language and Persuasion  
    Chapter 8: Nonverbal Influence  
    Chapter 9: Structuring and Ordering Persuasive Messages   
    Chapter 10: Compliance Gaining 
    Chapter 11: Sequential Persuasion 
    Chapter 12: Deception   
    Chapter 13: Motivational Appeals
    Chapter 14: Visual Persuasion    
    Chapter 15: Esoteric Forms of Persuasion  
    Chapter 16: The Ethics of Persuasion


    Robert H. Gass is Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at California State University, Fullerton, USA.

    John S. Seiter is Professor in the Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies at Utah State University, USA.

    The sixth edition of Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance-Gaining continues to present persuasion concepts and theory in a comprehensive and engaging fashion. It is clear why this text is a leader in the discipline as it is both comprehensive and accessible to students. The sixth edition adds important material on digital and online persuasion which expands its’ impact in explaining contemporary persuasion.

    Andrew S. Rancer, Ph.D., University of Akron, USA


    This book is a joy to read and captures students’ interest in ways other textbooks do not. In today’s world of sound bites and video clips, the humor, clever examples, and carefully chosen illustrations in this book captivate readers and make learning about persuasion accessible. The authors do an excellent job seeking out the most peculiar and intriguing research studies to engage their readers and make learning about persuasion research findings fun! 

    Elizabeth Dorrance Hall, Ph.D., Michigan State University, USA