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Pharmaceutical Chartbook

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ISBN 9780873711739
Published July 31, 1990 by CRC Press
344 Pages

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Book Description

Pharmaceutical Chartbook captures the major trends in the development, manufacture, distribution, and usage of drugs. These trends are shown in a graphic format providing a quick and clear review. This new book, the first of its kind, provides an invaluable understanding of the major important trends of the pharmaceutical industry-required reading for any and all professionals involved in research, planning, administering, writing, for academia and industry. Valuable for managers, executives, and regulators giving reports and presentations-all will find this book useful.

Table of Contents

DEMOGRAPHICS. Projected U.S. Population Growth. Projections of the Total U.S. Population. Percent Population Change by Age Group. Population 65 Years Old and Over as a Percent of Total Population. Reduction in Reported U.S. Cases of Selected Diseases: 1940-1985. Live Births and Deaths. U.S. Life Expectancy for Females at Birth: 1950-1987. U.S. Life Expectancy for Males at Birth: 1950-1987. Expectation of Life at Various Ages in the U.S.: 1987. Mortality Rates: Male vs. Female. Infant Mortality Rates. U.S. Deaths per 100,000 Population from Selected Diseases: 1986. Marital Status of the Population. 1987 Income Distribution as a Percent of Households. Income Distribution of Households With Residents Age 70 and Over. Years of School Completed by Sex. Living Arrangements for People 65 and Over Outside of Institutions. DRUG UTILIZATION. National Prescription Audit. National Prescription Audit: New Prescription. National Prescription Audit: New Prescription Volume. Drug Stores Pharmaceutical Purchases: Total Rx vs. Total OTC. Prescription Output (1st QTR. 1989): Total Number of Scripts Filled: 420 Million. Daily Prescription Output 1st QTR. 1989. U.S. Prescription Volume: 1977-1987. Competition for New U.S. Prescriptions Measured in Total Prescription Dollars. National Prescription Audit: Ranking of the Leading Products: 1986-1987. Current Trends in the Number of Prescriptions Dispensed: 1978-1987. Prescription Sales According to the Number of Prescriptions Dispensed Daily in 1987. Top Ten Retail Drugs: 1988. Percent of Prescriptions Filled in Chains. Top 25 Prescription Drugs-1987: New Rxs Dispensed in Drugstores. Top 25 Prescription Drugs-1987: New and Refill Rxs Dispensed in Drugstores. Decline in the Percentages of Total New and Refill Prescriptions by the Top 200 Drugs, 1980-1987. Physician and Dental Visits per Person by Sex: 1970-1986. Mean and Median Total Patient Visits per Week in Selected Specialties: 1987. Average Hospital Discharges per Week and Length of Stay of Discharged Patients (in days) for All Physicians. Patients Rating of Communication with Pharmacist Regarding the Medicine They're Taking. Patients Rating of Communication with Physician Regarding the Medicine They're Taking. DRUG COST EXPENDITURE. Consumer Price Index for Medical Care Items in the United States: 1967-1988. Consumer Price Index for Drugs and Prescriptions in the United States: 1967-1988. Cost of Care: Retirement at Age 55. Personal Consumption Expenditures for Total Medical Care in the United States: 1950-1987. Personal Consumption Expenditures for Medical Care in the United States: 1965-1987. Pharmaceutical Purchases: Drug Stores vs. Hospital. International Drug Price Comparison: Weighted Average Retail Price per Brand Drug, 1987. Spending on Health Care: A Look at 8 Countries. ACE Inhibitors-Retail Market. Antiarthritic Market Trends-Total Prescriptions. Antiarthritic Market Trends-Retail Sales. Antilipemics Market Trends-Total Sales. Antiulcer Products-Total Sales. Cardiovascular Sales Trends: 1987 vs. 1988. Oral Calcium Channel Blockers: Retail Market. Range of Market Prices Paid for Brand Name Prescription Drugs, Spring 1989. DRUG REIMBURSEMENT AND FINANCING. The Burden of Medical Care: What It Costs. The Burden of Medical Care: How the Bill is Paid. The Burden of Medical Care: Where the Money Goes. Percent Change in Price By Regions of the United States, 1987-1988. Insurers Step Up Efforts to Reduce Use of Free-Choice Health Plans. Average Size Life Insurance Policy in Force in the United States. Life Insurance and Disposable Personal Income per Household in the United States. Health Insurance Premiums to Soar in 1989. Distribution of Premium Receipts of U.S. Life Insurance Companies. Ratio of Premiums to Disposable Personal Income. Health Insurance Claims Payments By Type of Insurer in the United States, 1978-1987. Dollar Outlay By Employers for Employee Insurance Coverage, 1987 (From Total Compensation). Cost-Sharing Provisions of the Catastrophic Drug Insurance Program and Their Effects on Enrolles. Comparison of Estimates of Outlays, Receipts and the Net Effect on Medicare of the CDI Program. Cutting Reimbursement Hurts Pharmacies Without Affecting Drug Prices (Medicaid Rx Drug Reimbursement Components, 1982-1987). National Health Expenditures: By Type of Expenditure. Percent Distribution of Total National Health Expenditures By Type of Expenditure. 1986 Health Care Expenditures By Quintile of Before Tax Household Income. National Health Expenditures Aggregate: (Selected Calendar Years 1970-1987). National Health Expenditures as a Percent of Gross National Product: 1970-1986. Health Expenditures as Percent of Gross Domestic Product, 1986. Comparison of Annual Growth Rates of Gross National Product and National Health Expenditures. Per Capita Expenditure in Medicines in 1986, By Country. Managed Care By the Year 1995. Anticipated Growth of Freestanding Ambulatory Centers. HMO Enrollments (By Type of Practice). HMO Members, in Millions, 1978-1987. Number of HMO Plans, 1978-1987. HMOs and PPOs By Region as of 2/28/89. Changes in the Total Number of HMOs and PPOs. New PPO Data: Count of PPO Organizations. New HMO Data: Count of HMO Organizations. Unduplicated Provider Counts on the HMO/PPO Census Database File. Drug Distribution to Members. Mean Percent of Plan Enrolles By Rating Method Used and Plan Age, 1988. Selected Characteristics of Largest Account, Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988. Distribution of HMO Membership by Source, Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988. Diversification Activities By Type Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988. Average Premium Increase, 1987-1988 By Contract Type and Source, Plans Over Three Years Old. Average Premium Increase, 1988-1989 By Contract Type and Source, Plans Over Three Years Old. Factors Contributing to Rising Premiums Percent of Plans Citing "Very Important" Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988-1989. Transplant Coverage By Type, Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988. Extent of Agreements with Other HMOs to Address Employer Needs, Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988. Anniversary Month of Largest Single Account, Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988. Coverage of Various Preventive Services in Best Selling Benefit Package, Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988. Percent of Plans Using Copayments for Selected Basic Benefits, By Plan Age. Percentage of HMO Enrollment in Best Selling Benefit Package, Distribution of Plans, Plans Over Three Years Old, 1988. Numbers and Percent Distribution of Medicare Enrolles for 1966 and 1987. Percent Distribution of Medicare Enrolles, By Census Region: 1966 and 1987. Percent Distribution of Medicare Enrolles, By Census Region: 1966 and 1987. Mean and Median Total Medicare Patient Visits per Week in Selected Specialties, 1987. Number of Medicare Physician Services per User, By Physician Specialty, 1986. Number of Medicare Average Allowed Charge per User, By Physician Specialty: 1986. Outlays, Receipts, and the Net Effect on Medicare of the Catastrophic Drug Insurance Program. Outlays, Receipts, and the Net Effect on Medicare of the Hospital Insurance, Supplementary Medical Insurance, and Catastrophic Drug Insurance Provisions of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act. DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION. The Steps Toward Drug Approval. The Top Ten Therapeutic Classes Worldwide in 1987 By Major Sector. Top 25 Manufacturers, Annual Production of New Drugs by FDA Therapeutic Classification. Individual Drug Manufacturer Track Record: Number of Therapeutic Breakthroughs Between 1981-1987. Listing of Important ("A"-Rated) New Drugs Introduced by the Top 25 U.S. Drug Manufacturers. 1988 New Product Launches U.S. Retail Market. 1988's Biggest Gainers. New Drugs from Top 25 Drug Companies as Proportions of New Drugs from All Companies, 1981-1988. New Molecular Entities (NMEs) Introduced By 25 Largest U.S. Rx Drug Manufacturers, 1981-1988. Number of NDA and NME Approved 1975-1987. New Single Entity Drug Introductions to U.S. Markets. New Single Chemical Entity Drugs Introduced to U.S. Market 1940-1987, By Country of Origin. National Support for Health R&D By Source: 1977-1987. Top 10 Companies Worldwide in 1987, in Terms of R&D Compounds. U.S. Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditures as a Percentage of U.S. Pharmaceutical Sales. R&D Expenditures for Human Use Ethical Pharmaceuticals, 1974-1987. U.S. Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditures by Product Class: 1986. Number of New U.S. Patents for Drugs and Medicines By Origin, 1973-1986. Trends and Forecasts: Drug (in Millions of Dollars). Total Value of Drug Shipments: 1979-1988. Value of Biological Products: 1979-1988. Value of Pharmaceutical Preparations, 1979-1988. Value of Medicinals and Botanicals, 1979-1988. Total Value of Drug Exports, 1980-1987. Value of Drug Exports by Category, 1980-1989. Value of Exported Pharmaceutical Preps, 1980-1989. Ratio of Total Exports to Total Shipments, 1979-1988. Ratio of Exports to Shipments by Biological Products, 1978-1987. Ratio of Exports to Shipments by Pharmaceutical Preps, 1977-1986. Ratio of Exports to Shipments by Medicinals and Botanicals, 1978-1987. Total Value of Drug Imports, 1980-1989. Value of Drug Imports by Category, 1980-1989. Value of Drug Imports for Pharmaceutical Preps, 1980-1989. Total Import to Total New Supply Ratio, 1979-1988. Ratio of Drug Imports to New Supply by Category, 1977-1986. Ratio of Drug Imports to New Supply for Pharmaceutical Preps, 1977-1986. New Molecular Entity Backlog. Average Development Time 1987: NMEs First Approved Abroad. NMEs Marketed Abroad Prior to U.S. Approval, 1984-1987. U.S. NME Approvals Per Year. PHARMACEUTICAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM. U.S. and Foreign Pharmaceutical Sales: PMA Member Firms. Foreign Sales of Ethical Pharmaceutical by U.S. Owned PMA Member Firms. Ethical Pharmaceuticals: Leading Companies for Hospitals. Ethical Pharmaceuticals: Drug Stores. Top Ten Companies: U.S. Retail Pharmacy Sales. Top 10 American Drug Chains: 1988 Store Totals. U.S. Retail Drug Store Sales: Chain vs. Independents. U.S. Retail Drug Store Sales Share: Chain vs. Independents. Ten-Year Sales Trends. Top 10 American Drug Chains: 1988 Dollar Volume. Retail Sales Figures for Chain Drug Stores. Average Sales Gain in Chains. Retail Sales Figures and Average Sales Gain for Chain Drug Stores. Ten-Year Drug Store Growth Trend. Independent and Chain Pharmacies-Total Numbers. U.S. Retail Prescription Drug Sales, 1976-1987. Total Dollar Sales: Independent vs. Chain. Percent of Total Sales: Chain vs. Independent. Sales Growth in Independent Community Pharmacies: 1970-1987. Top Deep Discounters. Manufacturers, Domestic Sales of Ethical Drugs for Human Use by Product Class. Selected Operating Statistics According to Sales Volume: 1987. Foreign Sales of Ethical Drugs for Human Use by Product Class. Percentage Distribution of U.S. Ethical Pharmaceutical Sales By Class of Customer. Ethical Pharmaceuticals: Leading Products for Drug Stores. Ethical Pharmaceutical: Ranking of the Leading Products for Hospitals. Estimated Total Industry Sales Growth: 1981-1988. Pharmaceutical Wholesalers: Customer Sales Mix. Pharmaceutical Wholesalers: Product Sales Mix. Relative Profitability Trends as Measured by After Tax Return on Net Worth, 1980-1988. Gross Margin and Operating Expense Trends, 1982-1988. Functional Area Expense Trends, 1981-1988. Return on Total Assets for All NWDS Firms, 1981-1988. Total Asset Turnover Trend, 1981-1988. Financial Leverage Trend: 1981-1988. Financial Leverage Trend: Total Assets to Net Worth, 1981-1988. Average Collection Period and Average Days, Sales in Inventory Trends, 1980-1988. Percentage Net Profit Margin Trend. Return on Net Worth Trend for NWDS Wholesalers, 1981-1988. Operating Profit Margin Trend, 1982-1988. Total Operating Expenses as a Percent of Gross Profit, 1981-1988. PHARMACEUTICAL HUMAN RESOURCES. Pharmacists: Total Number as of 1st QTR. 1989. Physicians, Dentists and Nurses: 1960 to 1986. Pharmacies-Number of Pharmacies Licensed as of December 31, 1983-1987. Pharmacists-Total Number Licensed, Where They Practice, 1987. Pharmacists-Deaths; Licenses Suspended, Revoked, and Reinstated; Retired. Pharmacists-Sex of Pharmacist. Hours Worked by Employed Pharmacists: 1986 and 1987. Pharmacy Personnel Hours in Average Private Nonprofit Hospital. Operating Statistics: Pharmacist, Technician and Support Personnel Hours/Week, 1987. Average Base Salaries for Pharmacists-How the Practice Settings Stack Up. Total Pharmacy Degrees Conferred. Entry Level Degrees Conferred in the Northeast, South, Midwest and West Regions, 1976-1987. Pharmacy Degrees Conferred by Ethnic Group, 1976-1987. Bachelor of Science Degrees Conferred. Master of Science Degrees Conferred. Doctor of Pharmacy as the First Professional Degree Conferred, 1960-1987. Doctor of Philosophy Degrees Conferred. Pharmacists-Total Number Licensed. Trends in the Active U.S. Physician Population per 100,000 Civilian Population. Trends in the Active U.S. Physician Population for Selected Years, 1970-1988. Percent Distribution of U.S. Active Population 1986-2010: Base Projection Scenario. Percent Distribution of U.S. Active Physician Population By Specialty: Base Projection Scenario. Growth of the Active Postresident U.S. Physician Population in Direct Patient Care By Specialty. Growth of the Active Postresident U.S. Physician Population in Direct Patient Care By Sex. Distribution of Average Professional Expenses of Self-Employed Physicians, 1982-1986. Percent Change in Average Total Professional Expenses and Liability Insurance Premiums of Self-Employed Physicians. Percent Change in Average Fees for Selected Types of Visits for All Physicians, 1982-1986. Mean Expenditures on Medical Supplies per Self-Employed Physicians, 1986. Office-Based Physicians, Net Earnings from Practice, By Specialty: 1986. PHARMACY POLICY. MAJOR ACTS AND AMENDMENTS RELATING TO PHARMACY. c. 600-800 pp., 500 charts, 1990, ISBN 0-87371-173-4.

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