1st Edition

Philosophical, Educational, and Moral Openings in Doctoral Pursuits and Supervision Promoting the Values of Wonder, Wander, and Whisper in African Higher Education

By Yusef Waghid Copyright 2024

    This timely volume conceptualises and applies the philosophical notions of wonder, wander, and whisper, serving as evaluative paradigms for objective assessment of quality doctoral research work and supervision in South African higher education.

    Written by one of the foremost academics in the field, the book combines the normative philosophical, educational, and moral notions of wonder, wander, and whisper with academic life and studies, focusing on doctoral work and supervision not just as cognitive or scientific processes, but also as existential, ethical, and political shaping of the self. By reflecting on three decades of doctoral supervision, the author gives an account of how his students have been initiated into moral discourses of democratic citizenship education and the intellectual adventures they have embarked upon through scholarly texts. The book also presents itself as a decolonial venture that repositions and resituates doctoral education in resistance to the hegemony of colonisation, inhumanity, inequality, unfreedom, and injustice in Southern Africa.

    Ultimately arguing for the relevance of wonder, wander, and whisper in academic culture, the book will appeal to scholars, researchers, and postgraduates in the fields of higher education, philosophy of education, and sociology of education as well as African education and doctoral studies more broadly.

    Chapter 1

    University Education and the Quest to Wonder


    Chapter 2

    Wandering and University Education: In Pursuit of Poiesis, Praxis, and Rhythm


    Chapter 3 

    Whispering as studious and playful university education


    Chapter 4 

    On utopianism and doctoral education


    Chapter 5

    Towards ethical pedagogical encounters between supervisors and students


    Chapter 6

    Doctoral Supervision and the Enactment of Democratic Citizenship Education


    Chapter 7

    Doctoral Education and the Enactment of Cosmopolitan Justice


    Chapter 8

    Doctoral Supervision and the Notion of Critique


    Chapter 9

    Doctoral Education as Profanation and Play


    Chapter 10

    A Personal Narrative on Doctoral Adventures 


    Chapter 11

    On Questioning Reasoned and Democratic Universities: Towards an Ubuntu University


    Chapter 12

    On autonomouss, iterative, and restorative doctoral supervision: A glimpse into the future


    Chapter 13

    On Decolonised Doctoral Education


    Afterword: A Personal Reflection on Conditioned Thought


    Yusef Waghid is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy of Education, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.