1st Edition

Philosophies of Multiculturalism Beyond Liberalism

Edited By Luis Cordeiro-Rodrigues, Marko Simendic Copyright 2017
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    This edited collection offers a comparative approach to the topic of multiculturalism, including different authors with contrasting arguments from different philosophical traditions and ideologies. It puts together perspectives that have been largely neglected as valid normative ways to address the political and moral questions that arise from the coexistence of different cultures in the same geographical space. The essays in this volume cover both historical perspectives, taking in the work of Hobbes, Tocqueville and Nietzsche among others, and contemporary Eastern and Western approaches, including Marxism, anarchism, Islam, Daoism, Indian and African philosophies.


    [Luís Cordero-Rodrigues and Marko Simendic]

    Section 1: Cultural Diversity in the History of Political Thought

    1. Cultural Diversity for the Sake of Political Freedom: Tocqueville’s Perspective on Multiculturalism

    [Demin Duan]

    2. Unity and Diversity in a Hobbesian Commonwealth

    [Marko Simendic]

    3. Nietzsche Perspectives on Multiculturalism

    [Rebecca Bamford]

    Section 2: Multiculturalism and Western Contemporary Political Theory

    4. Anarchism and Multiculturalism

    [Uri Gordon]

    5. Multiculturalism and Oppression: The Marxist Perspectives of Fraser, Lenin and Fanon

    [Andrew Ryder]

    6. Associative Democracy, Heterosexism and Sexual Orientation

    [Luis Cordero-Rodrigues]

    7. Utilitarianism, Religious Diversity and Progressive Pluralism

    [Eric Russet Kraemer]

    Section 3: Eastern Philosophy Approaches to Multiculturalism

    8. Multiculturalism, Indian Philosophy and Conflicts over Cuisine

    [Lisa Kemmerer]

    9. A Daoist Stance on Multiculturalism: The Case of Zhang Taiyan

    [Lin Ma]

    10. Islamic Multiculturalism: Co-Existence Overcoming "Kufr" in Tayeb Saleh’s Season of Migration to the North and Hanan El-Sheik’s Beirut Blues

    [George Sadaka]

    Section 4: Multiculturalism, African and African Heritage

    11. Toward an African Recognition Theory of Civil Rights

    [Christopher Allsobrook]

    12. The Pan-African Philosophy and Movement: Social and Educational Praxis of Multiculturalism

    [Kersuze Simeon-Jones]


    Luís Cordeiro Rodrigues is a postdoctoral fellow at CLEA, University of Fort Hare.
    Marko Simendic is an assistant professor at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Political Sciences (Serbia).