1st Edition

Phoenix Leadership The Healthcare Executive’s Strategy for Relevance and Resilience

By Valentina Gokenbach Copyright 2017
    204 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    204 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    204 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

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    Today’s healthcare leaders are facing challenges unlike ever before. New healthcare laws, reimbursement models and regulations unnerve even the most senior of leaders resulting in increasingly shorter tenures of those in leadership positions. The modern healthcare leader needs to be increasingly resilient but all relevant to their organizations and the industry.

    Phoenix Leadership: The Healthcare Executive’s Strategy for Relevance and Resilience provides a brand new, innovative concept, that of the Phoenix Leader, with proven strategies and approaches to evolve your leadership approach to one that is flexible, powerful and effective. The attributes of the Phoenix Leader include:

    • A strong sense of self
    • Effective interpersonal relationships
    • Ability to build an empowered workforce
    • Innovative
    • Resilience

    This book introduces a brand-new paradigm created by Val Gokenbach for leadership in complex organizations and provides effective strategies that will guide leaders in the healthcare field. Val possesses a doctoral degree in Management and organizational leadership and has been a healthcare executive for over 40 years. She is also a leadership consultant, professor, executive coach and author on leadership topics. You, as a healthcare leader, will learn to reinvent yourself by putting her proven concepts into effect to become a Phoenix in your organization.


    Chapter 1: Status of Leadership in Healthcare

    ¿ Challenges in the healthcare industry

    ¿ Ineffective leadership responses to challenges

    ¿ Organizational effects of ineffective leadership

    ¿ Professional outcomes of ineffective leadership

    ¿ Common reasons for leadership failures

    ¿ The case for Phoenix Leadership

    Chapter 2: What is a Phoenix Leader?

    ¿ Story of the Phoenix

    Chapter 3: Attributes of the Phoenix Leader: strong sense of self

    ¿ Concept of personal values

    ¿ Authenticity

    ¿ Personal ego

    Chapter 4: Effective interpersonal relationships

    ¿ Emotional intelligence

    ¿ Social intelligence

    ¿ Strong communication skills

    Chapter 5: Building an empowered workforce

    ¿ Empowered workforce defined

    o Empowerment and its importance to healthcare

    o Effects of empowerment on the workforce

    o Building an infrastructure for empowerment

    o Empowerment and the Phoenix leader

    Chapter 6: Interdisciplinary Team Leadership in Healthcare

    ¿ Team building and leading skills

    o Modern team theory

    o Leading effective teams

    o Interdisciplinary approaches to team leadership

    o Phoenix leader and teams

    ¿ Role modeling

    ¿ High level of visibility

    Chapter 7: The Phoenix, an asset to the organization

    ¿ Innovation

    ¿ Change agency

    o Creating a shared vision

    o Assessing the right time for change

    o Evaluation of readiness change

    o Cultural competence

    ¿ Knowledge of the business

    ¿ Politically savvy

    ¿ Relentless to the approach to problems

    ¿ Effective coaching of subordinates

    Chapter 8: The Phoenix leader, personal attributes

    ¿ Consistent

    o Consistency defined

    o Why is it important?

    o Behaviors and strategies presented to improve consistency

    ¿ Fearless

    o Fearlessness defined

    o Why is it important?

    o Behaviors and strategies presented to become fearless

    ¿ Honest

    o Honesty defined

    o Why is it important?

    o Behaviors and strategies presented to improve honesty

    ¿ Assertive

    o Assertiveness defined

    o Why is it important?

    o Behaviors and strategies presented to improve the ability to be assertive

    ¿ Tireless

    o Tirelessness defined

    o Why is it important?

    o Behaviors and strategies presented to improve stamina

    ¿ Inclusive

    o Inclusivity defined

    o Why is it important?

    o Behaviors and strategies presented to improve inclusivity

    ¿ Health and wellness

    o Holistic health defined

    o Why is it important?

    o Behaviors and strategies to improve health and wellness

    Chapter 9: Behaviors of the Phoenix Leader

    ¿ Visibility and accessibility

    ¿ Proactive vs. reactive

    ¿ Share appropriate information and metrics

    ¿ Consistently communicate vision and goals of organization

    Chapter 10: Becoming a Phoenix Leader

    ¿ Self-reflection

    ¿ Continuous evaluation of goals and strategies

    ¿ Lifelong learning

    ¿ Mentors

    ¿ Development of effective personal brand

    Chapter 11: Conclusion


    Val Gokenbach, DM, RN, MBA has a true passion for leadership and has been in administrative healthcare positions for over thirty years. She currently is the owner of Dr. Val Leading Leaders Consulting Group dedicated to improving the quality of leadership in healthcare organizations. As a senior executive she has managed an expansive span of responsibility, which included Nursing and several support departments such as radiology, respiratory therapy, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, oncology services, neurodiagnostic services, employee health, integrative medicine, schools of allied health, patient service departments and the emergency services. Her greatest accomplishment has been leading the nursing team to the receipt of the prestigious Magnet accreditation awarded on January 14, 2004 for nursing and organizational excellence and re-accreditation in 2008.

    As a professional dancer and fitness instructor for over 40 years, Val has led a dual life as a fitness presenter, consultant and dance instructor. She worked for Aerobics Fitness Association and traveled extensively presenting health and wellness programs for fitness instructors and the general public. This exposure led her to the opportunity to work with companies such as Omron and Oregon Scientific as a spokesperson for health and wellness products and serve as a guest host on the popular QVC sales network and Shopping Channel in Ontario. She also developed a line of exercise videos called "You Can Do This" which were also sold on QVC.

    Val is also involved in several community initiatives and served as the creator of Safety City USA, the first free standing, non-profit interactive learning facility for the community, dedicated to the reduction in pediatric trauma and Nurses 4 Detroit a foundation for philanthropic nurses in the South East Michigan area. Currently she is an independent consultant in the areas of organizational structure and leadership growth and development and a Professor for American Sentinel University. She also serves as the Medical Administrator for Mitch Albom Charities where she runs the SAY Detroit Family Health Center dedicated to the care of the homeless and uninsured women and children and the Have Faith Mission, an orphanage in Haiti.

    In her past time she lectures on health and wellness topics and is active on several advisory and leadership boards throughout the community. A well-known author, she recently released her own wellness book Tap Dancing through Life: Seven Steps to find your rhythms and the life of your dreams, and is featured in Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul: A Second Dose and Nurse Executive: The Four Principles of Management from Springer Publishing.

    She possesses a doctoral degree in management (DM) and organizational leadership, a masters degree in business administration (MBA) and a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) and is a Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow, a Magnet Commissioner for ANCC and an alumnus for Leadership America.